Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And Last ride of the day and Shine videos from Virgin oil here too=)

Last ride of the day:


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Pascal said...

All those live videos are again really amazing! The atmosphere must have been so wonderful at the gig. Thanks for sharing this wonderful videos. Apparently the one for „Last ride of the day“ didn´t get connected here into the blog, at least it doesn´t appear, but that´s no problem since it´s on facebook :). And I would have loved to watch the video about your punk style, but I still have this software problem. Maybe they will put it on their youtube channel, I hope so. Anyway, congratulations that you can continue in Tähdet Tähdet, I was really happy when I read this. And as I said, I´ll vote as soon as I have a credit card and I´m already looking forward to this sunday :).