Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This friday the duet I´ve recorded with a great band will be out so stay tuned!!=)

Friday people=)

Hep Hep!


Unknown said...

Anette ... I'm watching all your news here in Brazil and I'm finding it all wonderful ... hoping that it is first in the TV program, very listening to your music and admiring your beautiful talent ... I believe, your family, friends and fans are very proud because you are pure Shine ... I'm sorry if I'm saying the same thing, but it is because you can not help but feel that happiness, for you to do all that well ... kisses to your heart and may God continue to bless his ways

Pascal said...

And this is also very well appreciated news :). I´m curious and can´t wait for it! Friday is nice and now, with the prospect on this, I´m looking forward to it even more.

Have a good night and please take always good care :). Love, hugs and light to you and SHINE!