Sunday, March 08, 2015

How to vote for me in TÄHDET TÄHDET even if you are not living in Finland=)

Ok, so here´s how YOU can vote for me every day even from outside Finland so I win Tähdet Tähdet=) And since most of my fans are non-Finnish go and vote! Buy 100 votes and I´ll be super happy=) But any vote is ok of course!
So here´s how you do it:
Go to this site:
Then you go down to my number which is ALWAYS number 7! Click on the words: Äänestä Anettea netissä. 
then click on how many votes you wanna buy.
Next page scroll down the scroll list and choose Luotto ja maksikuorti and then click the window that says: Hyväksyn sopimusehdot
then click Vahvista maksu
Next page, fill in your card number, expiration date and so on and when thats done: Hyväksy
This is quite easy and you can vote for me ANY day, not only today so already tomorrow for next week!
And remember: I need all votes since I am the outsider=)


Pascal said...

Aah, and this is good, thanks for the instruction! Otherwise I think I would get lost in this pages :D. As I said I will vote for you and will do that more times :).

Good luck again for this evening and enjoy your day!

Pascal said...

Oh... apparently I have to get a Master Card and the thing is I don´t have one. Damn! I hope I can manage that tomorrow or during the week so then I can make good for the votes I can´t give today. I´m sorry for this, but I will vote as soon as I can!

Nevertheless, all the best luck again and I know you will rock it :).

Karin said...

Here in Finland people are quite " cautious"... Those singers you are competing against have a long background and history and the Finns know them. Finns are slow to let new people " in" . And that I don't mean in a negative way. As soon as you get into our hearts , you stay there.
But I don't doubt for a second that you will get in there. It may take awhile, but then... Maybe you understand what I'm trying to say here ; you have an " almost" 😉 Finnish husband, and you have had your portion with Finns before... 😊
This show is showing and teaching you a lot of things and experience, too ! You are dealing with your stagefright (?) your camerafright(?) ...
But you are doing such a great job ! Keep on doing what you do. You are so great in that!

And of course , I will vote for you 💜

This show is showing yourself a lot of things