Friday, March 06, 2015

My video and single SHINE featured in todays Helsingborgs Dagblad

My video is today featured in my local newspapers Helsingborgs dagblad´s blog about entertainment that is written by Stefan Lindqvist who made a big and nice interview with me last year for the release of my album=)

Go check it out and thanks to Stefan for publishing it=)


Unknown said...

Anette ... applause and smiles, everyone sing their songs, all to feel the good energy of its wonderful sounds ... congratulations

Pascal said...

Oh, and that´s really nice and good news, Congratulations!

AND congratulations also to the single release today :). Even though I have the album I will buy the single on Itunes when the thing with creating an IDthere works. I once tried it and got some problems, but I´m sure those are to manage.

Now have a great start into the weekend and lots of love and hugs to you! SHINE and lift your head high :).

Karin said...

Have to open up here a little bit :
I just drove my kids over to their dad's home, and before that I spoke to him over the phone , and got a whole load of shit ( well, as ex-husbands can give you sometimes. Well, it hurted anyway...)
So, a took a little longer way home again, and listened to Shine with full volume( almost :) ) and sang along.
You can imagine me there in my little black Peugeot, howling " Shiiiiine, and lift your head hiiigh.... :)
It helped .
Tack, och kram av en lite ledsen Karin