Thursday, March 05, 2015

My advices to any new artist or musician

Hi all,

Today I want to write a warning and a good advice to those who might someday go in to the music business. 

NEVER sign a deal without having someone who knows the business to help you see if it an ok deal. And no, not a manager someone from the outside.

I have signed deals without even getting to read all the pages and have had people around me saying; no worries, we´ve checked it and its ok.
NO- doesn't matter if its your management who says that - YOU need to be careful with what you sign!!

And if you sign a management deal - do NOT sign for a deal where you have to pay that person more than 15% and NEVER sign so that you have to pay that person a sun goes down deal- which means they shall have percentage even years after your deal is over!

And if you are a songwriter - NEVER sign a deal so that someone who helps you get the songs out get 50% of the songs, no matter what they say they can do for you. I don't have this problem but know other who has these deals and its just crazy.

AND always make sure you have a deal with the people you work for, that is if your in a band - a deal for how long the contact period will last, how to terminate the deal in forehand and how all incomes shall be paid even if you are fired beforehand. -Never trust anyone cause when money is involved everyone only cares about themselves.

I know this is boring things to read and especially to have to deal with, cause myself I HATE business and money and so on, but I wish someone had helped me with this so I hadn't have to deal with people stealing my money for deals I´ve signed before I knew more. And music should be about fun and the one who does the work should have the money, not someone who stands on the side doing plain nothing. 

So be careful, and take help before signing ANY deal!

Love and light,


João Martins said...

I know some musicians and most of they do it, as you said, for the fun of playing gigs and creating new music. Paying attention to a contract is something that no one likes to do and i agree that having someone - trustworthy - to help us with that is a must.
Sometimes we only think about contracts with labels and managers but we forget one important contract - between band members. All are friends, all know each other for a long time but when comes the time for a "split", normally it does not end well and it is good to have something already prepared to protect the group and the individual. Nice post!

Unknown said...

Anette ... I live in a country where greed and corruption have become contagious diseases, unfortunately. I have a friend, Bruna Gonçanves singer of country music, who is having problems with everything that you said. She also told me that most of the time want to pay much less for a show, few contractors appreciate the great work that is done behind the scenes for a good show happen, plúblico like and want to pay tickets. Kisses