Sunday, March 01, 2015

Almost a week here in Helsinki now=)

Huomenta Suomi and Good morning rest of the world=)

So, almost a week has now gone since me and my boys moved over to stay here in Suomi for some weeks. Its been a bit of a hassle to get Mio to sleep in the nights and last night was the first night he wasn't up for 2 hours so we finally got some sleep…thank God for that!=)

This week I´ve done one day of dance rehearsals and insert shot with the famous singer Sani and then we had a big rehearsal day on thursday for tonights live show with TÄHDET TÄHDET. I was so nervous for the cameras and so on but everyone is so nice and helpful so it all loosened up after a while.

All artists are such nice persons and I take this as a fun thing to learn from. Nothing serious but fun to sing different genres and even do some small steps. I don't dance that much since singing is my main thing but of course I move some to the dancers without hopefully crashing in to them=)

Today is a long day and I´ll leave in some hours and then we start with band rehearsals, then dress rehearsals and then the live show starts finnish time at 19.15 in MTV3.

I hope you´ll have fun watching me do Backstreet boys since I enjoy it myself and rock that song the Anette way=)

Hep Hep everyone and love from Helsinki!


Unknown said...

Good morning Anette! I hope it'll go well and enjoy that. Anyway, don't you know if I can watch it online if I'm not in Finland?
Have a nice day :)

Karin said...

I wish you good luck... Or should I say " break a leg " 😄 You will do your best, in your Anette-way . We will be watching and enjoying it !

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´m a bit late, but I wish you now all the best and good, good luck for the show :). I know you will do great and I hope you have a lot of fun!

I´m searching for a possibilty to watch it, if I don´t find one, then I hope I can watch it later, when it´s on youtube or something like that. But now, good luck and rock that thing! I send you positive thoughts and I´m sure it won´t go wrong, you are strong and you SHINE :). Hep Hep!

Enjoy it and have a nice sunday evening afterwards and tomorrow a great start into a new week! Lots of hugs and love to you :).

Emma said...

Your performance was really nice and I think it was the best of all of them... :) Did you understand the comments from the judges or did they translate them later? :D

October Lane said...

Well done Anette. You were amazing :) did you find a crossfit gym in Finland?