Monday, March 23, 2015

A life change

Hi all=)

I feel I am in a life change and I don't know if its that I am aging, the full moon, the earth changing or what but I have felt for some time that I am changing. And for a long time I´ve also wanted to change my hair and how I see upon myself and today I dared to go and cut of the hair!=) Cause its only hair!

I will not get used to it until some days, it normally takes a week for a new hair cut to feel good so I give it some time but I feel so happy I dared to do it and to do something so new and different and I feel I needed it! No extensions, off with the damaged hair and hey, welcome fresh healthy hair that can glow and be vibrant and show that I am 43 years old and proud of it!

Tomorrow I fly home to Sweden and I can't tell you how much I long to come home!!! I want to kiss my sons and my husband, sleep in my own bed, eat my healthy food, go to FNF and exercise and meet my mum, my friends and see Helsingborg.

I don't know how it will feel to fly back here again saturday, but I hope I can say goodbye from my home and have new energy for yet another sunday.

I know one thing now after these weeks: I do NOT like competitions and dislike it a lot!

Love and light!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i just saw the pic of you with your short hair on instagram, and you simply look stunning!!! but are you sure you're 43? you look much younger...
enjoy your time in sweden, hugs & love <3

Lucinda said...

Wow I LOVE the new haircut!! I wish I was as brave as you, I'm also longing to do that... But YOU have a nice face, no matter the hairdo, so...
So, new hair, a week at home with your loved ones to gain back some energy, some opera piece to rehearse in a place you cherish and you're ready to go! Good luck =)

Karin said...

Yes, competitions sucks.... And I somehow understand you. This TähdetTähdet is a quite fun concept in a way, but a really looooooong project for evefyone of you. It takes up your time a lot, the main thing is have fun , of course, but then you have these judges, who can be ... hmmm how should I put it ...well , some of those are ( is) not so professional...
You have been so strong , and curious, and positive and done such a great job here in Finland! I am personally so happy that you have made it here. A lot of people seem to really like you :) And it is interesting : you want to go home, you have done your job well, but the people are voting for you , so you have to stay in the competition.... :/ But it is tiring of course... A hard job not being at home, a different language, not any familiar places to go to, feeling alone..:(
Life is hard and strange sometimes, with a lot of contrasts...
But we all learn from everything we do, don't we ? ! Both negative and positive things, and all that we go through make this life worth living :))
Changes belong to life, they are good. Maybe it is your soul growing and accepting things, maybe your soul wants to renew itself.... Damn , I don't know !! :)))
As you see I am here in a philosophical mood, writing what I believe is very wise... ;)

-Men hej, livet är vad det är ibland. Vet inte varför man vill ha omväxling, eller varför man ändras.
Ta hand om dej, du är värdefull .💗
Tack än en gång för dina funderingar, och att man kan kommentera dem 😊
(-Vet du, om du behöver skjuts från flygfältet eller nån annanstans , eller något, vad som helst , kan du ju ta kontakt .. Det var bara en tanke 😊)
Kram !

Pascal said...

Hi again Anette!

Maybe we can´t always avoid changes and sometimes they feel discomforting, but they can also help us and make things better. I wish you that you will find this change you are going through a good and positive one for you :).

I just wrote it on your facebook where you had posted it, but also here I have to say that you hair cut looks really wonderful. It surely wasn´t easy to imagine you with short hair, but I find the result is great and most important is that you´ll get used to it in time and that you like it :).

I´m sure you will have a great time back home in Sweden with your family, friends and so on and I´m happy for you that you can spend time there, because I think during the last days it was easy to recognize some times from what you posted that you feel sad. And as I said before, it´s also important to see what we don´t like and with competitions it´s the same. When you found out now that it´s nothing you feel good with then it´s maybe not a nice, but yet a valuable experiences.

I mean, the following are only some of my thoughts, it´s all up to you of course, but I thought that maybe, when you totally feel not good anymore in the show, it might be a better option for you to cancel it and to not go there anymore if that is possible. I don´t know which conditions there are, but I think nobody could force you to go there again if you don´t like to. Don´t get me wrong please, I would love to see and hear you in the opera theme, but I think it´s your welfare that counts most and if you feel that taking still part in the contest harms you more than helping you, maybe it would be better for you to let it go. As I said, those are only some thoughts I had, it´s all up to you and I know you will make the choice that is right for you.

Never forget that you have so many who like you and we will always be there, however you will decide in future things :).

I wish you again a safe travel tomorrow and lots of fun back home again! Love, light and hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Anette ... reading his words, I felt I should ask you excuses, excuses for being part of a public that demands a lot, even without such intention. When faced with a talent like yours, always expect the best, we want to be charmed by her beautiful voice and sometimes we forget that before the singer comes the woman and the mother you are. I imagined in place to become more sensitive to realize the importance of your family and proficional paper. I think of how much you should charge itself the best. Well, you are already your best or not occupy this place in the scenario. Stick to the heart, be happy winning or losing. What I do well is close your eyes and let your wonderful voice "Hold My Heart", invade all my house and let me happy, be listening to your CD, their shows or singing chapel. May God continue to bless your life, your family and friends ... you look beautiful and seems ageless ... kisses