Monday, June 09, 2014

The gig=)

So, I´m actually feeling better - jippie - and then it´s time to tell you how my weekend in Finland was, with my new band on board!

As you all know, my band is all about Helsingborg with only musicians as well as crew from my city=) Feels so important to me that, when I chose my band members, they needed to be from where I am from. 

This origins in many reasons:

- I want to support my home town´s musicians

- It´s easier to feel connected when we are from the same place and have the same language and culture

- It´s much easier to travel together as a group and I´ve learned how important that is. Both for the group dynamics in a band as well as for not having to travel so much alone as I´ve done during my time in Nightwish.

And I was so happy when I found these guys and crew, finally, in the very last minute actually, but still in time to manage to get the shows together.

So - when I got the guys together for our first rehearsal I kept my fingers crossed that it would feel good, both musically, but also when it comes to chemistry. 

After spending time with the boys both in the rehearsing room, in a very well-packed car down towards Copenhagen airport, in the airport, in the airplane, in the hotel restaurant, in the back stage before and after our gig AND afterwards partying with them out in HELSINKI in the night - I can say that I´ve found a golden group of guys and I am already longing for our next gig=)

Patrik Borgkwist (drums) and Rickard Bonde Trumeel (keyboards and accostic guitar) by the hotel restaurant=)

Dear Mikey Nilsson (guitars)

So many laughs I´ve had this weekend and such a great support on stage as the guys gave me - made me so happy and relaxed that I almost didn´t have any of my normal stage fright I suffer from=)

Me and Johan with our lovely crew: Markus Wibom - tour manager and monitor guy and Mats Karpestam - Front of House=)

I´m already longing for our next gig and planning for gigs to come in the autumn, cause we´re heading for some fun times ahead and what unites us is not only that we´re all from HELSINGBORG but that we all see music as FUN, something we do for ourselves and I am sure it will show more and more the more we get to play together - how fun it is to play together.

Thanks to everyone who attended our first show! for the support being there and showing us love. Meant so much to me and the guys! You all know who you are=)

During our line check=) I also met some from my old Nightwish crew - dearest Kimmo Ahola and Bommi Markku=)

I also met the dear guys from THE RASMUS and made a little guest appearance during their show and sang our duet OCTOBER AND APRIL and it was so much fun!

AND one of the best moments that evening was to hook up with Martijn from WITHIN TEMPTATION who I have written 2 songs with now - One million faces and Hiding from the past. And of course talking to lovely Sharon and the other guys in WT. Great band and great people!

And my dear friend Nitte Vänskä (former lead singer of BATTLE BEAST) came to see me with her family=)

So nice memories I´ll cherish and now planning new songs for next gig in Torneå July 5th!



Carol Misokane said...

Hi dear Nettan.
First of all I hope your tooth pain is better. I do really hate dentists too, but sometimes we just can't hide from them haha.
wow, I feel so happy reading these lines. When you showed us your new band I knew that these guys would rock a lot and I also think that when you're with people who speak the same language and specially are there in body and spirit, knowing that even though you must win some money, music is all about fun, love and peace, you feel MUCH better and I'm so happy for you and for these guys. I'm sure you'll have many great times arount the world and will show Helsingborg to every fan around =).
I feel very sorry for living so far away from Europe because I'd really like to see a show of you, but that's alright, I'm patient and I know my time will come too.
I hope everything just go the way you always longed for and also I'm looking forward for the next gig and tour. Give the boys a hug from myself.

Love, Carol

Karin said...

Wow ! This sounds so wonderful!
Well I have to say : we could see it when you were on stage . It is so important to have fun in what you do, that you can relax , and be yourself . We saw that :)
So happy , for all of you ! That you have found each other :)
You have been through a lot . but, everything has a meaning, right :) ? You wouldn't be here if things didn't happen , as they did ... :)

Thanks for giving positive energy Anette! You , and your band , are the best !

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

First of all, I´m glad you are better with the tooth :). And all you wrote here is very great, it´s so good to know you have found a band with that you have fun and with that you can enjoy time. It´s seenable on all the videos and pictures from the gig how you fit together and I´m sure playing music works best then, when you have a team where everything is good. I´m really happy for you and can´t wait to see you live!

Those all are really nice pictures, as well as the others you shared here. Thanks for sharing this joy and positiveness with us :).

Enjoy your day and lots of hugs also to you!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

tanks so much for sharing this with us, it's really touching.... and it's great to hear you want to support musicians of your town! you're so right with what you said about the group dynamics, and how it will work this way... it seems you have great musicians! the ones who could see music has being fun are the best to me. the day you start to do it for money and fame, you lose your soul. i'm glad there's still people like you in the music world! music is really the thing who made this world a better place... thank you from the bottom of my heart!

linnea-maria said...

Va härligt!! Kul att allt gick bra :D Jag hoppas att du får möjlighet till fler spelningar snart. Kram