Monday, June 09, 2014

Tooth and thoughts on a Monday=)

Sitting here with a really horrible tooth ache and day behind me where I went to get a wisdom tooth pulled out but it ended with me sitting there for 2 hours and the root still left in my mouth. I have extreme dentist fear so it was planned to be done with me sleeping during the procedure and I´ve postponed it for more than a year due to me nursing Mio and so on. Now the dentist had gotten me to approve to try and pull it out without me sleeping and only with relaxing medicine and local anaestesia. 

For weeks I´ve dreaded this and yesterday I cried and wanted to cancel it as I do almost every time when I have a dentist appointment. But I were strong and took Johan with me and went early this morning. 

Got the relaxing medicine and it helped for about half an hour while she bent and tried to get it out. She said beforehand that it would be a really easy procedure but well, now we both know it wasn't..

So, after a lot of different tries to get it out, cutting around it, drilling in the bone and pulling, I cried the last half hour and said: stop! 

She stopped and stitched me up and now I have to go to the hospital to a surgery to get it out instead. Don't know what is wrong with my tooth but apparently it doesn't wanna come out;=( Lots of pain of course and my dentist fear got 10 times worse after today.

Let´s hope we´ll get it out soon cause it can of course get really infected now with a root left there.

What a way to start this week…;=)



Paula Mocca said...

same happened to me :( I ended up with trismus for 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I understand you, Anette! I have dentist fear too. All my positive thoughts to you! All will be OK, because you are STRONG!
Love and huhs ;)
Have a nice evening!

Betty Blue said...

Poor you! But - in a hospital? When we try to get our patients an appointment at the hospital dentists to get their tooths pulled before they get exposed to get the tumors away, we have to hang on the telephone for like hours. Sometimes I think it would be faster if we would just pull the tooths ourselves... Seems like the hospital dentists in Helsingborg are faster with giving appointments than the ones in my hometown are ^^
And don´t you worry. We have patients with really huge tumors who are physically really weak, and they often get like seven or more tooths pulled. When they return from the dentists, they always are fine. Bit trouble eating, though, but if you get SO MANY tooths pulled that´s normal. Usually they eat normal a few days later. And a healthy, strong woman like you will make the procedure for one tooth without problems! :-*

Anonymous said...

I remember Anette it was about ten years ago when I had a wisdom tooth pulled out. Though I was luckier than you as I managed to get it done at the surgery itself.

Like you Anette, and most people, I also don't like visiting the dentist. Whenever I have to have dental surgery of any kind the thing I fear most is the anesthesia wearing off during the procedure. Touch wood, this has not happened yet and I hope it never will... though this thought was going through my mind while the dentist was pushing, pulling, and twisting my wisdom tooth in a bid to tease it out of it's socket. And I didn't like the sound of the cracking and crunching I could hear which is amplified as my jaw is near my ear.

I bet he got Popeye muscles after he finished with me.

Though don't worry yourself my favourite lady Viking :-) By the sound of it most of it is done already :-) And when they finish the job at the hospital you'll be beyond anything while you're asleep :-)

You'll be fine! :-) Hugs :-)

Anonymous said...

Opps... I seem to have had a Mr Bean moment and I've made the mistake of thinking most of your tooth is out :-/

My apologies for that Anette :-)

Although what I said in my original post still stands. You'll be absolutely fine when you go to hospital :-)

Hugs :-)

Kriszti said...

I don't really know what that's like because I usually only spend like half a minute in the chair but I am really sorry that this happened to you of all people. It's probably not the dentist's fault, I don't think she could have known your tooth would be this stubborn. It must have been a terrible experience though, I hope you'll never have to go through anything like that again and that this damn stubborn tooth won't cause you any more pain and the surgery will go very well. Lots of love and hugs to you, Anette, and get well soon :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... I'm also afraid of the dentist, I feel dread at the thought, but their work is very important for all of us. Logo will be good and recovered from this affliction. The vidoes of his band were great and if you ever have the chance, come to Brazil to do shows. You are my favorite singer with such competence by controlling the different sounds it produces. Seems to play with their sounds, have fun singing. I know how difficult and laborious to get where he is and why you admire. Kisses, hugs and is not a "boring tooth" that will ruin their comeback stage. That all your family are well and blessed by God.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, Anette :)
Oh dear. That sounds familiar. Very familiar. I had three wisdom teeth removed last year. I was knocked out by general anaestesia but I was so afraid before it. Dentists are terrible. But I managed to survive it although I also had an infection. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and try to send you some positive thoughts. Good luck and all the best. You'll do fine. :)

Greetings and hugs from Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette,
I am from America and have been following you online for a few years and you have never looked happier as you did in the YouTube videos of the recent festival. You seem to be living your dreams now. I am so happy for you and your family. As for the dental issue, I am so sorry that it is happening to you. I am thankful I have a dentist who does not make me feel nervous or afraid. Good luck with the hospital stay.
By the way, when I was a child I had a pen pal from Kristianstad. She was great.

Hep-Hep Steff said...

ouch! i read you and i start to panic, i'm afraid of everything with a needle, and having my blood taken and going to the dentist are plain scary for me.... i feel sorry for you, and this tooth who have to be removed in a hospital... poor anette! i really hope you'll be better soon, love & hugs <3

Unknown said...

Dentists will always make anybody feel nervous. To be honest, I felt the same way when I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. It's just a bit weird to have someone's hand in my mouth, even though it was for professional reasons. Haha! Kidding aside, it's good news that you finally decided to go after avoiding it for a year now. It sounds like you had a really bad experience, but I know you're glad it's finally over. Get well soon, Anette! :)

Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental