Sunday, June 08, 2014

Kievenlahti Rock 2014

Hi all dear ones=)

So, we have been in lovely Finland and Espoo and played our first festival gig at KIVENLAHTI ROCK and we had a wonderful time, both on stage as well as of stage=)

Everything was so greatly taken care of from the festival and I am so thankful to everyone at KIVENLAHTI for nice hotel rooms, great shuttles and great fixing of all back line stuff. KIITOS!=)

We played 12 songs and 9 were from my album SHINE and then we added 2 brand new songs and one cover of Björk.

After our show I also went over to THE RASMUS show and joined them and sang OCTOBER AND APRIL with them=) Lovely moment!

Here´s some videos from the gig:

Now we´ll start working on our next set for our festival gig in TORNEÅ july 5th and we´ll give some nice surprises for you of course=)



Karin said...

It WAS a nice day! I am so so happy I had the chance to be there. I still feel good :)
You have a natural aura around you. You are such a lovely person, and a wonderful and professional artist!
And your band ; wow, really nice guys:) It was great to see Johan. A cool guy ;)

Your songs sounded wonderful live ! And of course your voice.... I had some tears in my eyes a few times ... :)

It was my first time at KivenlahtiRock. I liked it. Not too big, and not too small. Just perfect :)

Well, enjoy that feeling you now have , Anette!
You made your first gig;a great success, another festival ahead. Summer is here, and you know...
Life is great !

streame said...

This is so great to see you back on stage! e I'll see you there soon. And I have to admit that "Hiding in the past" is definitely one of the best songs of yours! If it will be released ob the next album, it will be a 100% hit. It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anette on the completion of your first gig with your new band! :-)

Your singing was on excellent form, especially on your cover of Bjork's Play Dead for I was genuinely impressed. You sound marvellous! :-)

Hehehe... no Storytime though my favourite lady Viking? :-D Perhaps that's something you could sort out for July 5th :-D Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink! :-D

Cheers for sharing the YouTube footage and congratulation again Anette! Well done! :-)

Have a nice Sunday! :-)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I'm so happy to see you on stage again ! Thank you for the videos and I hope that we'll see you again and again on stage because you're so talented ! Really !

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi my dear,

Thanks for the sharing, and very great gigs, I like it I hope to see you in France very soon :)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

WOW.... you're amazing! what a lovely voice you have.... thank you for sharing these songs with us. <3

Unknown said...

Congrats on first solo gig!
Unfortunately I didn't visit your first show.
I have seen video and wow! I love your voice! I love new song Hiding In The Past. Great song ;-)
Enjoy this Sunday!

karin said...

Whow.... very good ! Liked it , thanks for sharing on You-Tube , I wasn't able to come to see you life . You look very happy and having fun ,( music is fun and joy )!

Unknown said...

I watched some videos from Kivenlahti. I didn't like the cap at all... :)
You seemed a bit shy and insecure. It must've been exciting for you and I understand mistakes and all happen, but it was a bit meh when you skipped the song. Also the feeling you have in your band didn't quite come through this time... I mean pictures and everything show you have a good time, but in the concert everybody seemed a bit disoriented. But it was you first time and in Finland, so I give you lots and lots of credit that you hade the courage to come here after the drama with Nightwish. And now you know what to rehearse and fix things, so next time you'll do better, I'm sure! Lots and lots of luck!!

Pascal said...

My biggest congrats on this gig!

I´m happy you had a nice time. Thank you for putting all those amazing videos in here :). But after seeing them, I was even more sad that I couldn´t be there. Maybe I can manage Tornea in july, I really hope so! Your performance is great in this videos, I especially like the way how you manage to underline emotions and so on from the songs with your face. I hope you understand what I mean, I want to say you manage to represent the feelings in the songs with the way you look and that´s really great, because it shows how you are into the music with your heart :). The new song "Hiding from the past" sounds great to me, I hope it will be on the next album.

Thank you again for the videos and the informations about the gig! Even if I weren´t there, it´s a pleasure to see how great you perform in this recordings and it shows again what a friendly and warm person you are. Please stay always like that! :).

Enjoy your sunday evening now!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie :)
And if I can say something I think you need more hard-rock songs cause they suits your strong voice the best :) "Hiding in the past" is rly good song and I think you should have more like this ;) But this is my own opinion ;)
Kisses and congrats one more time :* great gig !

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I was SO happy to see you on stage,you looked so cheerful and full of energy!It had been a long time since I last saw your little and cute smile :3 I'm grateful and very pleased you're singing live,it's a shame I can't afford to attend any of these festivals,but it's a gift all the same,since I can always watch the videos over and over!The new songs are AMAZING!I'm so ready for another album!Hah.Hiding In The Past might actually be one of my favourite songs ever,not just from you.I know it by heart already!
Congratulations,not only you did an amazing job,but you also looked gorgeous!
I'm curious,though:I know you've performed on your own before,but this was sorta different,since these songs were your own,from your personal creation.It was also an "Anette Olzon" gig,not a "Nightwish"/"other band" gig!You're flying solo!~~ So..How different was it,singing your songs,alone,on that stage,from singing NW's songs (or even from singing with other bands,such as Pain or BF)?Like,how did it feel?
I hope you had a great time!I love you

Unknown said...

Thedeadunicorn: It´s actually a big difference performing my own stuff with my new band members=) I feel its much more relaxed and I don't feel any pressure to be in a certain way anymore cause I do it purely for FUN now! My music from now on will all be for fun and I will have it as a half-time "job" cause I am gonna study to be a nurse and it feels great. I loved the years I had in Nightwish and all the lovely fans I met, the lovely countries I saw and so on, but I need to back away and have some years now where I record my own songs, sing gigs now and then in different countries but no longer tours. I lived my "dream" for some years and now it´s time to move forward.There are so many down sides in music business and its taken a lot of energy from me during these years.
My new band members and I all have other daytime jobs and we want this to be something fun to do in the weekends and smaller tours and festivals and it feels great with the guys. We have lots of fun, come from the same city, speak the same language and are in the same age spam. Can´t be any better=) Love and hugs!