Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mental training

Hi all,

Today I got a call from the hospital with two appointments there next week to get my painful tooth out. 

First I need to go for an x-ray and then the surgery will take place next wednesday so I have to live with this pain for a whole week;=( 

But well, at least it will be over soon and in time so I can sing in Torneå July 5th…

Since I am so horribly terrified my sister asked if I wanted to try a mental experiment and of course I want to do that=)

So she asked me to do 3 things until wednesday:

- Every time I think a negative thought or get frightened by the thought of my surgery - I need to think positively instead. Turn it around..

- Every day to take a quiet moment where I can lie down and do an affirmation of the whole process from the moment I step in and meet the doctor and the whole process, and in a way where it all goes really well and easy and in a positive light.

- Practise yoga breathing  - breathing by my nose only and counting when I breathe in and out and do inhales and exhales equally long.

I´ll start tonight and do this and then we´ll see if I can get a better time and be mentally stronger during this surgery.

Fingers crossed=)


Kriszti said...

Poor Anette :( I hope your sister's advice will help, it seems very helpful. You could also try listening to a song/songs that always cheer you up. I will be sending positive thoughts to you next Wednesday! Until then I hope that tooth won't bother you. Have a wonderful day :)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

poor you.. i hope it will be ok, but if you could do this mental experiment you will go through it, i trust you!
i send you a big comforting hugs, kisses & love <3

linnea-maria said...

Hoppas det går bra <3 Det är inte lätt att ha tandläkarskräck och bli tvungen att göra stora ingrepp. Hoppas att du får proffsigt bemötande.

MAN70 said...

Hello, dear Anette.
I am sorry for your dental pains, but know that my thoughts accompany you.
Good luck to you !!

Emmanuel (France)

Pascal said...

Hey Anette!

This mental training sounds really interesting, I hope it already helped you a bit and I keep my fingers crossed that all will go well :). I´m sorry you have to carry this pain until next week and that today was not that good for you. I wish you and Mio both to get well soon! And now I hope you´ll have a restful afternoon and evening, you deserve it.

Lots of hugs :).

Unknown said...

I don't know if this will help but, you could also try roleplay. I know it sounds a little silly at first but, you never know until you try :)

Also, maybe think to yourself that you deserve to treat yourself after the appointment (a date night, chocolate etc) something that you wouldn't normally do.

But yeah, if you continue to think positively, eventually, all the negativities will go away :)

Unknown said...

Get well very soon Anette, everything will go as planned, you'll see ;)

paniina said...

I really hope it helps! It sucks when you have to do something that scares you and can't do anything to avoid it. Have a nice day!

Rosana said...

Dont worry, all will be well soon! These teeth really only serve to hurt and to work any more! Hehe. good vibes to you, will be fine as soon as possible and always positive thinking! ;)