Friday, June 27, 2014

My gym - LOVE;=)

I LOVE my gym!!! 

I LOVE to do cross fit!!! 

And I LOVE to be in shape again=)

Yeah, sorry, but today I need to blog about my LOVE for cross fit and my gym - FNF4LIFE!

Today I had a super good morning crossfit WOD together with strong and lovely people at FNF4LIFE.

 My dear gym where I started in november last year. I am SO happy that I dared to spread my wings and try a new place and a new thing and go up there that evening in november. Since then I have not only gotten in a great shape but also gotten to know wonderful people and nowadays Johan and me both long to the gym and almost FIGHT for the exercising days=) 

Today I were at the gym at 8 in the morning and we had a great WOD with Tobbe, focusing on strength and among pistols and dips and so on, we did a LOT of Manmakers. If you don´t know this exercise, I can tell you that it´s a HARD but great one! We did 50 each which actually means we did 100 push ups each today! yeah, hello super arms=)

I feel so happy that I can use my body in all the different ways we do in crossfit and to feel the improvement I make every single week! Amazing and if you like to work out hard and use your body fully, try cross fit! Maybe you´ll get as HOOKED as I am=)

Love and hugs!


Vinga said...

Just wow !! I don't have too strong arms like you ;) but when I give birth a child I want begin exercises again, I need lost my weight after pregnancy ;)
And I tell you- I can't wait for it!! ;)

Kisses :*

Unknown said...

I love to work out too. I always try to push myself to do one more rep!. Its amazing how much we can achieve with determination and diciplane, you look so great Anette!

Aries said...

So glad you have a gym that makes you and Johan never want to leave. I like going to the gym and miss it a lot. I live in Tucson, AZ but I haven't been to a gym in a long time because I went to 2 different gyms and one was where they over charge like crazy and the atmosphere was awkward when a lot of people were always interrupting others workouts then, challenging each other in a hostile way for who can lift more weights or who has more endurance or fighting. So I left that one. My second gym was at the university I go to and it was similar to the other one and had drama every time I went for a workout: from break up outbursts, people talking loudly and rudely when others (like me) are concentrating or mocking other people's body from not being fit, fighting or people arguing. I think working out should be fun and have a good atmosphere not being uncomfortable the entire time and you can't wait to leave the gym. Hopefully I'll find a new one soon until then, my work out consists being in the 108F degree weather. Enjoy your fitness! You inspire a lot of positive thinking!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

geez, i could feel my (chronic) sciatic by just watching your pics.... how could you do this? you're amazing!!!

Pascal said...

Yeah, I can understand what you mean. I´m also so happy that I started going to the gym again, I had started already a few years ago but then stopped. Now I´m much more eager and it´s such a great feeling to get better from time to time :). I started together with a friend of mine, he originally came up with the idea and this afternoon we´ll go to the gym again. We have a training schedule that we have to follow four more times and then we´ll get another one, I´m already curious what it will be like.

And crossfit I never tried so far, maybe I should do some time. Seems very exhausting but nice :).

Lots of love and hugs also to you Anette!

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