Sunday, June 01, 2014

And today our last rehearsals before Kievenlahti were done=)

Johan had to stay at home due to our nanny having to cancel so he could´t join today, but we had a good rehearsing still, the four of us=)

Now our rehearsals are done and on thursday we´re meeting to pack our stuff and then fly over to Finland friday morning. Longing to see Finland again and to show Rickard, Patrik and Mikey how great it is to play in Finland=)

And gigs are in the planning in the autumn and we´re longing to play more gigs cause we are having lots of FUN - the happy bunch from Helsingborg!

Sleep well!

Here are some photos from today!


Océane said...

Oh and do you already know it it'll be in Sweden or somewhere else?

Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

Anette ... looking at these photos, I hear more SHINE! Hugs to all and stay with God.

Henk said...

good luck in tour Anette!:)

Pascal said...

Thank you for sharing those nice pictures! Great you have a good time rehearsing and well, new gigs in autumn sound great, I´m looking forward to more infos on that.

I hope you feel better soon, because of your allergy I mean. And congrats to your new job, I hope you can enjoy it so far :). Even if it´s not easy, the first half of last year of school on my internship, I also worked with elder people who suffered from dementia for example, also depressions and other deseases. That was really not easy, and hard to see them suffering, but also an experience you can learn a lot from.

I hope your week will be very nice. Sleep well!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie =).
I hope you have a wonderful week and I'm pretty sure the guys will LOVE Finland <3.
And of course I'm praying that these gigs that you're planning for the autumn include Brazil because I can't wait to see you on the stage again.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Carol: Hi! No, no South america even if I have gotten request of a tour and this is due to that they pay so little that we can´t make it. So not at this moment, no=( But let´s hope in the future! Hugs!

Unknown said...

Oceane: At the moment its a few gigs in Norway and Russia and then plans for a European tour next year=)

Karin said...

Hey, nice weather in Espoo on friday :) Sunny and hot !
Looking so forward to the gig !

eliete said...

Hi Anette!
I wish you have great times doing the gigs! All the success for you and your band.