Sunday, June 08, 2014

And here´s my new song STRONG

...also performed for the first time in KIVENLAHTI ROCK 2014!

Written by me and my former band mate in Alyson Avenue, Niclas "Olle" Olsson.

This song is really strong for me and the lyrics are STRONG too=)



Hep-Hep Steff said...

you made me cry with this song.... it's so beautiful. thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear anette <3
i hope it'll be in a next album soon!

Rosana said...

Hey Anette what you think about the fans use flashes on their shows, bother or disturb those who are actually on the stage?hugs from Brazil.

Pascal said...

Oha, and THIS, in fact, is a really great song too! I already knew the short rehearsal video you put on instagram and facebook about it, but hearing it now in full length, I´m impressed by this song. And I agree, from what I understood the lyrics are strong in that way that they transport a really good message. And the melodies are also fantastic - well, I love it :). Thanks a lot for sharing!

IsaWolfheart said...

very good song I like It !

I have a question for you;
You don't was very nervous for your first time in solo ?


Anonymous said...

Very good Anette! :-) I enjoyed that. Possibly one of your best songs :-)

Océane said...

Strong and Hidden from the past both sound amazing!
Do you know when you'll release them? Cant wait to hear them properly :)

Much love

Unknown said...

Rosana; I have no problem with that=) Videos is of course no fun if I have a bad gig and do a mistake and its all over the internet and youtube, but other than that it´s good PR for me as an artist that people take videos and photos=)
Take good care!

Unknown said...

Lovely song! I love how most of your music has a Nordic touch to it. It's difficult to find musicians who compose similar music nowadays that aren't metal musicians.
I also watched a video of your performance with The Rasmus. Again, a lovely song. I definitely need to listen to more of their music! :)

Pascal said...

Hey Anette, I just read about your problem with the wisdom tooth... sorry about that and I know what you speak about, I got my wisdom teeth out about for years ago and that´s torture. I got a dental anaesthesia, but also with that it was painful, so that´s never nice I think. I wish you to get well soon and that it´ll be better next time then!

Enjoy your day nevertheless :).

Vinga said...

Ohh Nettie, those 2 new songs are great :)
and intro to the Strong remaind me song from Blind guardian I don't remember wich ;) and only intro the rest is total different and very good :D Ohhh and I love your energy on the stage, I think we all missed the magic of your energy and the smile on stage ;)
Kisses :*

Laetitia L said...

Your band & you are amazing !! I already am in love with you all ^^ Keep up the good work. Hope to see you in Paris when you'll be touring :D

Henk said...

beautiful song Anette!

Unknown said...

Beautiful song! But for some reason the intro makes me think of Umineko... strange. Anyway both new songs are great - I just wish to hear them with better sound.

*Natie* said...

Really nice song!