Wednesday, June 25, 2014

As the early morning sunshine slipped ...

….through the house roofs this morning I shocked my body and went to the gym already at 7.30 for a nice cross fit WOD=) Since Johan has vacation this week I took the opportunity to try out the morning session and it was a great one!

As you know I LOVE leo prints and use it on almost any kind of clothes:

- when I exercise to make me faster, stronger, happier, cooler and just more rooooarrrry=)

Like this morning during the hard exercise=)

We did frog jumps, lunges with weight plate, GHD wall balls, dumbbell snatches and rowing. 

Rowing - the exercise that is SO good for my body but SO hard and sometimes a struggle, especially like today when you have to do 1500 m AFTER a LONG wod for 34 minutes and your body is just a already so tired. 

BUT I always do it and that´s when my LION inside needs to come out and show herself so I can do it!=)

Like below: READY to ROW!!

And here we go!

Yeah, sweaty and the concentrated look and the tongue out=)

Long strikes!

Tjohoo - I made it=) always happy when I´m done!

And then I, of course went home, took a nice shower and put on LEO print again - this time as a dress that I got many years ago and have had in my storage. It´s so good to have a storage where I have my clothes and put them away for some time and then when I go there after 1 year or so, I find them as they would be new again! Can it be better?=) No need for shopping then! haha!

This dress if from Topshop and has little fringes in the front that make it so cute=)

Seth wanted to join me to the post office and of course I said; -if you take some outfit photos of me on the way and said and done - here I am today with my leo dress and last summers jeans jacket from Diesel and another storage find - black ballerina shoes from Scorett and Ray Bans.

On our way home we went in to Åhléns to look at a lamp I saw in their window and now I want the bronze colored lamp below and the white/tree colored stool in the other photo. Do u also like them?=)

So lovely summery colors everywhere - turquoise and red are a great combo I think!

And then my little LEO dress and me went home to get greeted by the cutest little person in the world and I had to take a photo of us of course=)

Now it´s evening and then I´ll soon put on my LEO pajamas, of course=)

Oh, did I tell you I just LOVE leo prints??=)=)=)=)

Lots of love and hugs!


Vinga said...

Hi Nettie :)
Yeea I saw on your instagram today how early you woke up :D
Your dress is lovely :) and today I bought little sweet summer dress in floral motif :) I love her:D and it's amazing that I can put her now and when I born child a few weeks :)

I have a questions what is this in the corner on the photo with Mio? It's fishing rod? ;)

rainy said...

I love that leo dress :))

Wonder if I could start exercising like that. I would love to :D

Unknown said...

You look great! All the work in the gym really shows!

Unknown said...

my diva
my queen
my princess
my idol
i love you and never forget it s2

Hep-Hep Steff said...

lol, you remind me my godfather's daughter, she's ten and i love with leo prints as well, up to her underwears!
good choice with the lamps, especially the bronze one... and the last photo is so cute! thank you for sharing it with us... <3

Pascal said...

Nice post! Haha, nooo you did NEVER EVER tell us that you like leo prints... impossible to believe :D :). well I must say the leo clothes really look great on you, they suit you well :). The lamp and the stool both look really great, good choice. You should get them, if you didn´t already.

I´ll be also in the gym this afternoon and already looking forward, it´s an absolutely great feeling.

Lots of love and hugs also to you!

Pedro said...

That check in your gym picture is in Portuguese! Wonder why, hehe.

You look good even when you work out!

Henk said...

looks really happy! best wishes from Russia!