Thursday, June 26, 2014

More summer sales in my vintage store!

I´ve added some more RED PRICES in my vintage store so go check it out! 

Look through all the clothes and the ones that are marked SUMMER SALE PRICES  in red has the new price on them.

Happy Shopping!!


Pascal said...

That´s a nice idea with the summer prices. Yet, with me the link to the shop doesn´t work. They say then the blog wasn´t found. When I google it and go in there then, it´s no problem. But maybe only I have that, don´t know if the link has an error or my PC :).

Anyway, I wish you great success with the selling :). Enjoy your day Anette and take always good care please.

Hep-Hep Steff said...

too bad i have no money left, i'm in love with the brown leather cell phone bag, and with the summer sale it's quite affordable for me... but i'd have to wait until july 4th to get my money, and i guess when i'll have it it'll be sold. :(
btw, it seems you don't know your vintage store address, it's not .com, lol
kisses & love for you and your family <3