Thursday, June 19, 2014

All is OK=)

Hi all and thanks SO much for all your thoughts here and in my instagram! It sure helped=)

When I walked in to the hospital I, for a split second, thought I´d just turn around and go back home cause I got such a panic feeling and remembering the horrible last time trying to get the tooth out;=(

But since I also have been so ill and had so much pain I decided to go in and talk to the doctor and see what he said. Maybe he´d say: hey, we don't need to pull it out=) 

When I came in a really nice nurse took care of me and she immediately asked: 
- So, are you ready to pull out your tooth?

I then of course started to feel stressed and mumbled:
- Ehum, well, I don't know…I mean, maybe its not necessary cause maybe its ok to just take away the top that´s left and since I have been so ill with fever maybe we shouldn't pull it…bla bla bla…

yeah, I know…my little Anette who is so scared took over and tried to get out of the situation as always=)

Well, she said that it was better if I talked to Magnus, the dentist/doctor and he´d decide…

He came in and we discussed it and I said how afraid I was and so on and he said that they´d give me more calming medicine this time, give me a strong antibiotics and so on and we´d pull it out.

He also promised me no 2 hours of pulling it so I trusted him and got the drugs and lied down in a bed and watched TV for some time and then we headed in to the surgery room.

He gave me a lot of injections to make me numb in the mouth and then he started cutting, drilling and so on and then all of a sudden he said:
Ok, and now the tooth is OUT Anette!

And I was, like: WHAT? Already?? haha!

I was in shock how fast and easy it went! No cracking, no pain, no pulling, nothing…

God, I was so relieved and said to him: If this is how easy it can be, I´ll always pull my teeth here!

Then he sewed me up, put in a cotton "tampon" in the mouth and I lied on the bed awaiting Johan to pick me up and take me home.

I got strong antibiotics and well, the PAIN when the numbing medicine got out was just horrible! I thought I´d die..=) BUT some pain killers and then it was OK.

So my dear ones - I can NOW say I no longer HATE all dentists! =) Magnus was super good and I´d go to him again if needed.

See? I can be good and nice even to dentist=)

Love and hugs to you all!


Karin said...

Great Anette ! So, something positive came out of all this !
So happy for you, that it is over. Now a few days of recovering and pain killers !
Enjoy , and I think you will, these days now , and heading out for your vacation with your family:)
Stor Kram av Karin

Anonymous said...

Nice teeth Anette! :-D

Congratulations on making it through your ordeal! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice teeth Anette! :-D

Congratulations on making it through your ordeal! :-)

BellaTwilight said...

Hy -Anette ,

- I like to be nice as-well , but the problem is I don't like to be disturbing I can get easily annoyed and angry by that.

-I don't know how to calm down me as-well sometimes and I start crying or even get very angry . I have got a lots of stuff but the main thing that remain me is I like to read and yes were not quiet when I wanted to read books!

I wish you feeling better and lots of love too.

Take care !:) I hope it will be okay too.

Hep-Hep Steff said...

oh, it's so good to know it went all right, i'm really happy for you!
yake care my sweet anette, kisses & love for you and your family <3

Kriszti said...

Yay that stubborn tooth is finally out! Thank God for painkillers, huh? I know the feeling, they sure came in handy when I had trouble with my ear.
Have a great time at your sister's summer house if you're going. You've certainly earned some nice relaxing time after all this pain :)

Betty Blue said...

Great to hear you made it! Congratulations, my dear!

Pascal said...

You are welcome, Anette! Great that they helped :).

And when I read that story of how the progress of the operation was, I had to smile because from somewhere, somehow I know that :). With me, it´s similar because I´m also a bit afraid of dentists. I´m glad it was no cracking necessary at you, with me it was when I got my wisdom teeth out and that was such a terrrible sound. But it went also very fast I can remember, so me was surprised too then :).

Congratulations you managed that, and you did it very bravely! Now you can really have a relaxed birthday tomorrow, without a painful tooth :). But first of all, enjoy this day and lots of hugs and love also to you!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan.
I feel so happy that everything's went right for you. Is amazing when we find a doctor who is very patient and do their job as best as they can, they really honor what they've chosen to life =D.
I hope you feel better and better and have a beautiful weekend.

Love, Carol

Melrose Triviani said...

Hi Anette !
Fear is nothing, you can do it ! You found it easy, so ;)

Best wishes and take care !

IsaWolfheart said...


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I already wrote into your facebook page, but also here:


"Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday toooo youuuuuu"

*applause, applause*

So, I´m not a good singer in fact, but that has to be :). And what comes from heart is always great I think, and so comes this message when I say that I wish you a very beautiful and blessed day with lots of fun and love. It´s your day and I wish you all the best for the new year of life and that all your dreams may come true!

Lots of hugs and love to you Anette and enjoy this day! :).

Marekos said...

Happy Birthday Anette! You are my favorite singer and I love your voice. I hope you'll come to Poland soon. And I can't wait to hear your new album. I hope you'll release it next year ;)

Carol Misokane said...

Hello dear Nettan.
Happy Birthday!!
May God sends you all of his blessings and love not only today, but every day of your life. I know you've walked rocky paths, but with all your love and perseverance you came here today and keep shining on our lives.
I want to thank you for every song you sang, every show you played and every time you were there when your fans were waiting, I never knew a singer like you. All the stars of the sky are in your eyes and I pray for them to keep everyday.
May you stay forever young and keep enchanting the world with your angelical voice.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Anette! (Just saw the video you posted on Facebook) Hope you enjoyed your day!

Lots of love,
Amelia X

Unknown said...

So happy to read these great news!! I'm sorry to be so late, but I couldn't read it earlier =)
Have a nice and quick recovery!!

Oh and happy birthday by the way! (late again...) :P

Unknown said...

So happy to read these great news!! I'm sorry to answer so late, but I couldn't read it earlier =)

Have a nice and quick recovery!
Oh and happy birthday by the way (late again... :P )