Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life´s ups and downs

Hi all,

So I got really ill 2 days ago, I believe from the tooth and got a really rapid high fever, sore throat on the left side and ache in my whole body. So I´ve been knocked down and not well but today at least no fever in the morning and only the "usual" tooth pain=) And I must say I have the kindest and sweetest little children! They have been so calm and kind these days letting mummy rest and take it easy and Nemo comes saying: Oh, poor you mummy, feeling so ill… 

I must say my kids are the light in my life!=)

And this afternoon the operation to get the remaining tooth is on! And oh do I want it out? yes! But also, I am terrified after the last session and I hope the calming drugs will be better today. I also hope I will be ok tomorrow cause we are planning a trip up to my sisters lovely summer place for some days and a visit to Stockholm since Johan´s taken a vacation week next week=)

Oh, and what did you think of the last episode of GAME OF THRONES? I am so longing for season 5 and I hate that it will be a year or something to wait for it!

BUT at least TRUE BLOOD starts a new season in the coming days=) do you follow that one too?

Yeah - I love TV series, if you didn't know it by now=)

ENJOY this day and think of me at 14.30 today!


Karin said...

I will so think about you, the whole day ! It will go well, because you have been through the worst, and now you really want that ache to go away !! You have strenght for this !
You will be a new person tomorrow , after this bad week.
- When I have something bad to get through, I think of it as an experience in life. And maybe I am a little bit wiser after that, and certainly a little bit happier, because I have made it through !

Stor kram till dej! Du klarar det !
Du har så många som tänker på dej, och vi skickar positiva tankar och krafter :)
Och din familj : ja den är guld värd.

Sophie said...

Hey Anette!

I'll cross my fingers for your appointment today, no more pain ;)

As for Game of Thrones, I was thinking exactly the same thing, the bright side is that TB is starting again! I really like Arya and Daenerys (or how it is spelled) and I'm curious what happens to Tyrion and Sansa, oh can't wait :D

X Sophie said...

Did you read books (ASoIF)?

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i'll think about you. as soons as it'll be out, you'll feel better, but i know how hard it could be before.... lots of comforting thoughts!
and so you like tv series, too? my fav are bones, castle, two and a half men.... and i must admit a real taste for older series like x files and xena. ;)
again, lots of comforting thoughts, and a big hug <3

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
I'm a big fan of "Game of Thrones" and TV-series too. And I totally agree that your children are soooooo cute. <3
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you today, sweety.

Big hugs,

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
I'm a big fan of "Game of Thrones" and TV-series too. And I totally agree that your children are soooooo cute. <3
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you today, sweety.

Big hugs,

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
I'm a big fan of "Game of Thrones" and TV-series too. And I totally agree that your children are soooooo cute. <3
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you today, sweety.

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about sore throats :-) I know from personal experience, and I'm sure it's like this for a lot of other people too, that when I'm unfortunate enough to aquire one then that's it... it feels like I also have every other illness know to man to accompany it. It totally knocks the stuffing out of me.

Though Anette I'm not saying for a single second that you didn't have a really rapid high fever and an ache in your whole body :-) Or that you weren't really ill from the tooth :-)

Calming drugs in the hospital? I thought they were going to put you to sleep Anette? :-)

However they do it I'm sure you'll be fine though as you're a strong, brave, Swedish Viking from Helsingborg who'll be in my thoughts at 14:30pm this afternoon! :-D Hugs

Unknown said...

Anette ... when the problem needs to be solved by a dentist, the only way to overcome the patient's fear and pain, which are often exaggerated by our minds (I know tooth pain is acute, having already gone through very tense moments in a dental chair). Just who are mother and "lives maternity skin", do you know how beautiful and magic this is the universe of children around their mothers, feel the force of nature in a simple childish look is to have the power to be happy. Glad you have sensitive proficionais trying to comfort us and make quick work wherever possible. Here in Brazil, we are watching the World Cup football stadiums and on TV, people around the world are scattered around the country in an atmosphere of celebration and friendship. The news showed pictures adorned many beautiful towns and people of different races and languages​​, wearing shirts and costumes coming from the four corners of the world, including where you live. Between one game and another, and hear SHINE my nerves coming back to stay calm (laughs happily). I know it will get better soon, even getting the affection of their children. Fool pain, watching TV, taking medication and asking them to do kisses the bruises heal (here, when we have pain, we asked for people who love to give a kiss to heal soon). God bless you, kisses.

Unknown said...

hello. had long been stopped by to visit you at your blog. and read all the good times spent) wanted to tell you about his daughter, her six years. she's a big fan of your work) naturally does not remember your name, call your name like "Black Snow White" in the clip / storytime / :)))))) always sit in the car when she formidable demands only listen to your songs :))) I still have a question, if I can communicate with you and e-mail? write me

Thomas C. said...

Hey Anette ! Your children are so cute ^//^I'm glad you feel better today, and I hope this operation hasn't been too painful.
Kisses from France !

Pascal said...

I´m sorry you are so ill. But what you wrote about your children, especially what Nemo said, is really warming :). You can be proud of them and I´m sure you are.

Great that your operation went well as it seems from what you said in instagram, I thought of you and hoped it will be fine :). Now it´s something else you have behind yourself, not longer before yourself, that´s always a great feeling.

As I said in my last comment, unfortunately I couldn´t see any episode of the fourth season so far, but I have no doubt it´s great again. And I started rewatching good, old season one yesterday, which had caught me from the beginning as I can remember. Even if I think the two following ones are even more better, but season one was already so great.

Enjoy the new True Blood season, I´ve never seen any episode of this so far. But I don´t mind stories with vampires, so maybe I´ll watch that some time. Haha, well, with following your blog and instagram it´s not difficult to see you are a series fan :). There are some that I also like very much, apart from Game of Thrones I like, just to name a few, Legend of The Seeker, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated series, but not only for young watchers, because it´s also very serious and with intense fights and so on, I think it´s well made and to recommend if you like Star Wars) or Prison Break, even if that is finished since years, that was also really exciting.

Sleep well and enjoy your time, now especially after having finished that operation! I´m happy for you :).

Lots of hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Anette, I hope you get better soon. I also hate dentists so I understand you!

I LOVE Game of Thrones and the last episode was shocking. I am reading the books but I am stock on the second book, so, I have a long way to go!

Have a nice day, I loved you bag! :D

Unknown said...

Your plans for vacation sound fun and so does True Blood. I didn't know about the new season.
TV is great! Like an escape from life especially on stressful days. One of the best shows I know is the Vampire Diaries and its spin off show The Originals.
Enjoy your day.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
Hope everything is fine with your tooth now.

I haven't been watching much TV series lately but one you might like (and one for the family, possibly) is a TV show called Merlin. Unfortunately, it's no longer running but it was good while it was on! The creators of the series also have another show running at the moment called Atlantis (featuring Mark Addy - Cersei's husband in the first series of Game of Thrones, I can't remember his name haha)

The trailer for Merlin:

The trailer for Atlantis:

Hope you like them! :)

Beth said...

it was so EXCITING and lots of things happened! I screamed a lot. Overall I would say this has been a very exciting series.