Saturday, June 28, 2014

Among jumping frogs and jumping boys and girls=)

While we watched the dark clouds pass away, we packed up and went to the forest they call BRUCE.  Found the lovely spot where they have set up small wooden "houses" to protect us from wind and rain and give shelter.

Some blankets to sit on and we´re ready for an afternoon with sausages and forest fun!

While Johan, our grill master, started up the fire on our small Piccolino grill, me and the kids enjoyed the wind shelter. 

Nemo playing with the small frogs to the FROG GAME I had gotten them the same day to play with. Mio playing with some cars in different colors and me just relaxing watching the boys play=)

All the fun you can have with just a fallen tree branch:

Sit on it
Climb on it
Chew on it
Hammer with another tree branch on it, as a drum
Imagine it´s a boat or a plane or a car or anything

After our yummie turkey sausage dinner with lots of mustard and ketchup, it was time for more fun! 

Johan and Nemo fighting with tree branches pretending they were swords and they were some cool dangerous pirates on board a big pirate ship. Nemo being Captain Hook of course!

Then a wild chase around in the forest throwing little pinecones on each other. 

Continuing to have a battle who could run from one big stone to the other first. Well, Johan won every single time…arrggh!

All of us playing the FROG GAME where me and Johan both got the horns on our heads, wanting to beat the other one0, as usual=) Who said come second counts?? haha!

After a long nice time in this lovely forest, we headed home, all tired but happy and knowing that next week Johan goes back to his job, Nemo to pre-school some days and me - preparing for our gig at Toranda next weekend=)

But STILL two more days to enjoy the vacation=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

it's so sweet to read you, thank you for sharing these moments with us...
kisses & love for you and your family <3

Pascal said...

Oh and that´s a very sweet post again. It´s so nice that you share those moments with us, really beautiful. Thank you a lot and I´m so happy you have such a great time with your family :). Enjoy the two more days!

By the way, I got my results back yesterday from my exams... and... I passed it! My score is good enough to attend the 13th and last grade of school, as I want to! That was such a great feeling yesterday to get this good score :).

Enjoy your day now and I wish you all the best!

Vicky ♡ said...

That sounds like so much fun and a great day! :)

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan and happy weekend.
Uau, I always feel so enchanted when you tell us about your family - for sure it is a blessed family and I pray every day for God keep all of you safe and warm and for you to never lose this beautiful happiness. If one day I get a family too I hope they can be like yours =).
And your children are very very smart and beautiful, I just missed Seth, but he's not a child anymore so I think he doesn't really like this kind of playing haha.
Now I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend and hope next week will be full of joy and music. Can't wait for your next gig, I feel that you will surprise us one more time =D.

Love, Carol

Metal Nicks said...

Hello Anette also first off I want to apologize for being forward to you during your B-day when I wish you on your birthday on Facebook and hope you will come back to FB to share latest news ect :-)

Anyway, This place you was at in this blog really look like it would be a great vacation spot to get away from everything and very beautiful place indeed also to put up some tent spend a few nights here..I hope you and your whole family had fun also much need rest as well! :-)

Take care and Cheers from Illinois US!

Unknown said...

hello. had long been stopped by to visit you at your blog. and read all the good times spent) wanted to tell you about his daughter, her six years. she's a big fan of your work) naturally does not remember your name, call your name like "Black Snow White" in the clip / storytime / :)))))) always sit in the car when she formidable demands only listen to your songs :))) I still have a question, if I can communicate with you and e-mail? write me

Alcyone said...

Hi Anette! It's so nice to see you and boys having fun. I also fight with my little brother Maciek (he's the same age as Nemo) as Johan with Nemo, it's great fun :D
Greetings :)

linnea-maria said...

Vilken härlig familjestund. När barnen är sådär små behöver de inte mer, bara sina föräldrar :). Hoppas att ni får fler lediga dagar tillsammans den här sommaren (med bättre väder).

Pascal said...

Anette I wish you all, all the best for your gig today :).

I wish I could be there, but unfortunately again, I can´t. Nevertheless, I´m looking forward to videos and soI wish you and your band a very great time and I´m sure you will make a really great gig out of it.

Have a lot of fun and please take always good care of yourself! Lots of hugs and love to you, dear Anette :).

Unknown said...

Anette ... beautiful moments! Kisses, Hugs and may God continue to bless your family.

Kaoru said...

I used to play with those frogs when I was a kid! And it's been a WHILE. I'm shocked that kids are playing that again! haha

Unknown said...

Awe how incredibly sweet love that you captured all these special moments!!

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Hi Anette!
Wow,it all looks so exciting!You're truly a great family,aren't you?I wish I could take walks in such gorgeous woods!Dammit.It all seems to be very fun,exciting and relaxing!I'm glad you're having such special and wonderful moment with your guys!I hope you're happy.

Have a nice day!
Love you,