Thursday, July 04, 2013

Todays inspiration

I get inspiration from this today! Isabel Adrian doing a great outfit! Lazy but cool and perfect to look relaxed out going out in the city!

And todays music inspiration is the one and only Mariah Carey;=)


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette
my name is Salomé de Sainte Maréville. I come from FRance. I love this song too. Just few words to I admire you so much. You've been such an inspiration for me and for my music. There's something I didn't really understand: did you leave nightwish? Do you still have a good relationship with them? And are you planning to record a solo album? I THINK YOU SHOULD!!!! You're someone good ans you're a really good singer. So don't bother the mistakes and be self confident.
I m also recording my own songs at home first, to send them to different label records. I hope to fond my chance...
Good luck to you and care your children.
Salomé from Strasbourg.

Unknown said...

Anette ... Mariah Carey is an excellent singer, has a beautiful voice and is the inspiration for many people, but it is his voice that lives in my heart! Kisses!

Rest Calm said...

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