Friday, July 12, 2013


Here´s some photos from yesterday:

Seth got the new WII U black edition and it´s cool;=)

Flag on the table and summer flowers, ready for a birthday party:

Bought new lovely owl napkins for the party:

Baked this lovely cake that Seth wished for. A summery one with bananas, raspberry jam, vanilla whip, whipped cream and strawberries:

I also baked these delicious cupcakes. Chocolate topped with a frosting of white chocolate and philadelphia light cheese:

And my clothes were a white dress from Ester Eleonora:


Helminen said...

Everything looks very nice! I hope you have a great day, Anette! It will be great if you could post the recipies. The cake looks so good, I'd like to give it a try! :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Seph! :-)

That birthday cake looks scrumptious! :-) Very well done Anette! :-)

Seph is very lucky to have a mum like you Anette! :-)

Janina said...

You're looking so nice in this white dress, suits you very well!

eskoplja said...

Glad to hear Seth had a great party :)
Loving the muffins you made. Can you put the recipe please :)
You look lovely as always. Really cute dress :)

Ena :*

Gary said...

Happy Birthday Seth!!! Yay
lots of love

Océane said...

An angel on earth <3
The cake look so good but one small slice and we're full, nop?
Glad to see you had a nice day! And hope Seth will have lots of fun with his gift!
Love & Hugs

Meghan H. said...

I've got a wii u as well, I hope Seth enjoys his as much as I love mine :)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan.
Send my great wishes to Seth. May God always guide him, wherever he goes =).
Wow, this cake tastes so good, I wish I have a piece of it haha. You seem to be a great cooky.

Now have a brilliant day.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Seth =)! Time flies, I remember, when you joined Nightwish, reading about you, where it was said that you have a 6 year old son and now he's already 12 and you have Nemo and Mio =)

LindaS said...

Seth I hope your Birthday was wonderful!


Dalma said...

I was about to mention that you've started to let your blog slide but now I'm really glad you're back.

Those little cakes look so yummy. And I so love that Swedish flag on your table. Happy birthday to Seth! Actually, today is my name day and you've reminded me of it with the date above your post. :P When there's no school who cares about the date?

Tomorrow I'm leaving and I won't have internet connection for two or three weeks. (I don't know yet how I'll endure it.) So don't do any raffles or count me in NOW. :D

Till then, I wish you a beautiful summer with lots of fun,

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, dear lovely Seth \^.^/

Such a delicious cake^O^ So niiiice :)))

Have a lovely day !


July said...

Hey Anette!

Hey Happy Birthday Seth!!!!

The time past so fast sometimes that gives me afraid but I don't know I guess it's something natural, so Seth enjoy every moment of your life!! don't be scared and go for your goals!!

Misia said...

You're always beautiful !!! And the cake is wonderful ♥ happy xday Seth :)

Betty Blue said...

The cake is just PERFECT! I hope Seth enjoyed it.
And say Thank You to him for the videos on your Instagram <3

Yanna said...

Happy birthday to Seth ! The cake look soooo good !

And you are lovely, as always.

Unknown said...

Anette ... congratulations to Seth! As you are sensitive about showing their affection for their children! God bless and keep you in happiness and health!

Unknown said...

Such a lucky boy, he has a wonderful mom!!

Unknown said...

you're still beautiful anette <3 ^^

Rebel said...

Sooo yummy! Happy b-day to Seth! Btw i thought about your hair colours and for me u look really good in blonde. When u were in NW i did not like that but i have to say i was stupid to think like that. Blonde really suits you. don't dye your hair to black or red but maybe warm browns would be good ;)geeting from rainy and cold Poland i'm wondering where summer went ;(

Lucinda said...

Your children are very lucky to have such a cooking mama like you ;)

Also, just wanted to share these (not mine):

My favourite:

Have a great weekend ;)

Océane said...

@lucinda :
The first two painting are from a friend of mine and im "the friend who wanted it for a necklace". So i have it on necklace but also ring and i now own the original painting. Truly beautiful!
The girl who painted it is full of talent :)

Love & Hugs

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Anette, I'm back again...this period has been sooooo busy and hard for me, I have spent not so much time on the internet...Sometimes I've thought about you and the blog but I coludn't find a little time to read and write here :( I've read some posts this morning, I'm going to read the older ones in these days ;) I wonder how many news about you I'll discover!! And...I'm sorry for not writing here for your birthday.... :(((( I've lived out of the world recently...the new job, my studies and many other things kept me away... I also wanted to tell you that I've passed my swedish exam with 80/100, it was very hard...even if they call it a basic level :S I'm going to share with you the photos of the certificate sent to me by Goteborg University as I upload it somewhere (on facebook or somewhere else, I don't know yet xD) Happy 12th birthday to Seth!! All these cakes makes me hungry!!! Great singer-mummy-chef Anette!! :D ;) A big big big big hug to you, to your children and family, byyye dear Nettie <3

Unknown said...

Hope you had a great day! Even if I am late, Happy B-day Seth!
Hugs and Kisses.

Dark Kitten said...

Hello Anette:) As I see the birthday party went great. I'm sure everything was very tasty and Seth had fun.
Sitting in my room and listening to Alyson Avenue. I wonder, are there some songs that were written by you?;)
Much love;)

Gemi said...

Hi Nettie!!!!! I really love your necklace here!!!!!!!

Do u still have?
I love your rock style!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette ;)

I heard that many people write to other bands asking to send an autograph. You can also send a autographs for fans?

Please, reply.

Take care ;)

Unknown said...

Está linda.
You are Beautiful. :)