Friday, April 19, 2013


My new favourite jeans from Gina Tricot, top from Zara

My old Gucci sunglasses

New shoes from "& other stories"

Skull ring I used in the European tour and bracelet Hérmes

Red lips from Dior and mascara from Max Factor

Easy hair do

 Same jeans but top from H&M Divided

And only mascara as make-up

ENJOY your day!


Unknown said...

I like your outfits ;-) Thanks for sharing with us! You look so lovely ;)
Have a nice day!
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Your skull ring looks like a knuckle duster from the angle of one of those photos Anette! :-)

XxBriannaxX said...

You are sooooo beautiful Anette. And i love your outfits. The jeans fit very well on you. :-)
Enjoy your day sweetheart. Hugs to you

Unknown said...

Wooow but you're a star !!! :D
Is so wonderful outfits !! I loooove so much you're 2 photos !! you're so wow !!
beautiful new mom again ;)
Enjoy you're day sweet Anette !!
Lots of love, hugs & kisses :*

Unknown said...

Hi Anette hope you and your family are having a wonderful friday :). Those are some really cool outfits, I especially like those skull rings they kind of look like a knuckle duster lol just kidding :). But seriously I wonder if there's a stainless steel version for a guy like that.

In my spare time as a hobby I do a bit of writing and I wrote a passage inspired by one of your songs with Nightwish, The Islander as I love your music. I'll post it below and if you want to read it your welcome to and do with it what you like. Hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed writing it, yet most of what I write tends to be a bit dark :).

Closer to the edge, I'm scared that you will fall!
Yet how can you say, you don't love me here at all?
Hearts are reuniting, around us everywhere,
Yet mine falls into shadows and you don't seem to care...

On the last horizon, a glimpse, I see you there,
Still hoping your love and heart with me you share,
Thousandth year a gone, since I felt your warm embrace,
Yet memory's forever like the beauty of your face,

I am the one on the edge of the world...
And I'm still dyin'...for you to know you're my girl...
My tears still cryin'...raining down this pain I know...
Now the sun's arisin'...remembering all we had long ago...
So long ago...

Wedlock and a carriage, two rings we had exchanged,
Now I am yours forever, no more my heart deranged,
Flowers floating down, her hair blows in the wind,
How could I be so lucky for all that I have sinned?

I was the one on the edge of the world...
And I'm no longer dyin'...for you to know you're my girl...
My tears stopped cryin'...raining down this pain I know...
Now the sun's arisin'...remembering all we had long ago...
So long ago...
So long ago...

Svanhildr said...

It's so nice to see that, in spite you've had a baby only some weeks ago, you're in a fantastic shape, even with just some mascara as a make-up :)

I wish you a wonderful evening, take care!

Unknown said...

Looking beautiful and very happy! Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Have agood weekend dear Anette!!!

Gemi said...

I love your outfits Anette!I would like that you make an entry about your tattoos!! Thanks in advance and enjoy your weekend Anette! Best wishes! :D

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hi dear =)
how long!
I was longing for commenting on your blog.
I've been very busy these days, and this week I do some medical tests again. But I come here every day.
your belly just disappeared haha
you are doing some exercises? all is well with Mio?
Today I did reviews of chemistry and biology at school in the morning, then the afternoon I wanted to relax. Of course,'' hep hep '' all afternoon haha
When I say I'm going to relax, I hear strong songs =)
I bought some cd's and have one that I can recommend. You have the new Evanescence album? That's perfect.
then, good night to you and your family.
my '' voice of never, never land '' =)

jag älskar dig ♥

Mathews Assumpção

Misi said...

Wow, you look great, can't even tell you had a baby so recently. :) Enjoy the spring weather! Hope all is well.

Unknown said...

you look amazing Anette wish you happiness :D!!!!

Sephrenya said...

Hi beautiful
You look so lovely, I like your outfits every time.
I've got one question: I am seven months pregnant now and till a couple of days ago I've been twice a week to the Gym. Now its getting harder to do some exercises as my belly is growing and growing. What kind of exercises did you do during your pregnancy?

Unknown said...

Sarah: Hi and congrats to your pregnancy;=) Lovely times ahead!
I ran and exercised as before until week 15 but then I haven´t done anything. Mostly due to me throwing up a lot, being tired and therefore not feeling I had the stamina for it. With Nemo I did pregnancy yoga and long walks all pregnancy. I think doing what feels best for u is my recommendation;=)

Ana Valeria said...

Girl you really need to stop bitting those nails!!!