Monday, April 15, 2013

Longing to see this... - the sequel to "Hunger games" that I loved. The trailer for "Catching fire" looks really promising:=)

Coming in November!


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see this movie! I have read all the books, and I love them!

Unknown said...

Me too I love the Hunger Games:)

Laetitia L said...

I'm so longing for this too ! If it's like the book it'll be amazing ! :D

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Nice to read from you again :).

So, "The Hunger Games"... well, I´ve seen part 1 too and it was quite good. But I was a bit disappointed since I expected more (without knowing the books by the way). The first half was really boring sometimes I think, full with non-important dialouges and much too long. They could have shortened it drastically and we wouldn´t miss anything. But in the end it was really tensioning and also very dramatic. So a good film, but not the masterpiece that the whole world seemed to expect. From me 3,5/5. Let´s see how part 2 will be, I´ll watch it too for sure.

Have a nice day now and I hope at Helsingborg, the weather is as good as it is here :).

Take good care now of yourself, please :).


Unknown said...

Omg. It looks pretty good. I look forward to. The first part is for me a great impression I was curious if you disappoint us and do not make the same mistake as a lot of other films that have continued to cause that the second part of it is about nothing.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see it as well! :)

Ever Dream said...

Hi Anette,

I've been reading your blog this whole time, just haven't had time to comment. Been so busy at work.
Congrats for little Mio to you and Johan.
I'm so waiting for the Hunger Games movie to come. I read all the books in one week and I've seen the first film. Love it.
Take care dear!

Betty Blue said...

I´ve seen part one and read the books, and well... I like the third book, and the first thirty minutes from the first movie are simply gerat. I always have to cry when Katniss jumps forward to save Prim.
And I simply love the design of the Capitol-clothes. They´re great.
But the rest of it... Well, I don´t see a sense in it - watching kids killing kids.
The third book is great because it is about freedom and reaching your dreams. But the first two books... No. I didn´t like them much.

The photos from your Instagramm are so very cute *.* I can´t believe how small babies actually are when they´re born, and Mio is quite a tall boy yet he looks so small... It´s always like a miracle to see your photos.
Have a great evening!
Love to you all, Betty

Unknown said...

hi anette i love the hunger games my brother has read the books and i saw the movie , cant wait for the second but the third one mocingjay is going to be split into two parts , jenifer lawrence as catness is amazing , and stanley tucci as the presenter is awsome too , just asking but have you ever watched jesus christ super star because i got the arena tour on dvd and i am seeing it in october if not here is a link for the trailer

Unknown said...

I can't wait for it as well! Have you read the books? I only finished the first book so far and started the second one but I don't have time to read, so I'll only finish it in the summer.

Unknown said...

Yes! I'm longing too, so excited!

Have you read the books? I read them all in 2 weeks!

The first movie was amazing, I have a little crush on Peeta hehe.

Love and hugs :D

Aurayal said...

Wow that's so awesome that you love those movies as well :D <3 I'm excited as hell for it, the trailer looks really good :D <3

Have a nice night and all the best to you Anette! :D

Unknown said...

That actress...looks a bit like Tarja!:-)Hello Anette...hope you're doing well and kisses to you and to Mio..:-)

Anonymous said...

I've never watched The Hunger Games though I do believe it's very popular :-)

The last time I frequented a cinema was when I went down to London to visit my best friend back in Febuary :-) I watched Die Hard 5 to kill some time while I waited for my friend to finish work :-) I didn't think the film was anything special but I'd never ever been in a cinema that was so packed :-) EVERY seat was taken and people were actually stood up against the wall at the back in a big horizontal line! :-) I was actually lucky to get a seat! :-)

It seemed everyone was die hard for Die Hard! :-)

Unknown said...

Hei Anette,
Ohhh is good !! My sister waiting with impatience to out !! She loveeeee so much and speak of so many time !!!
For me is not really a super movie but is good I have like but not more ...
You have read the books ?
Have a wonderful day
With love <3
PS: The name have changed, after I am Mél (Love Anette Olsson Frorever. ) Google Have make my name ... why ? I don't and I have never can make again the old name --'

Anonymous said...

Fulvio Sanna:

Her hair could be a bit like Tarja's :-)

Sorry, though I don't agree she looks a bit like Tarja :-) Not in that photo anyway :-)

Have a nice evening! :-)

^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette!
Congrats for your little child Mio!
Me too,can't wait to see "Catching Fire"...
i've loved the first movie!
(especially Peeta ;) )
Love from Italy,