Monday, April 29, 2013

Cats and leopards

Here´s what I had on yesterday, visiting mum´s house:

 White lovely blouse from SixtyDays, my new favourite and designed by a friend of mine, Efty;=)

 Love the details on the blouse and the length of it

Like these tiny bells that give a little pling sound;=)

And the arms and the bottom of the blouse have this lovely knit embroideries

And the cool leopard jeans you´ve seen me wear before during my pregnancy from Circle of trust

 Here´s how my hair looks after I cut off 10 cm on saturday. Fresher and healthier but still long and I like it=)


Unknown said...

Beautiful blouse ;-) You look lovely as always!
Enjoy this day!
Love and hugs

XxBriannaxX said...

You look really beautiful,Anette. I really like the leapord jeans. :-) You're hair also looks really good
And it's getting so long! :-) have a wonderful day gorgeous,hugs to you.

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
Very nice outfit :) and You look really beautiful :) Blouse have a nice bells .
I wish You sunshine and good day :)
Love and Kisses :*

Janina said...

What a great outfit again! :)

Angela said...

You need to be my personal stylist! I love your style and I am so clueless. You are glowing Anette :)

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful! I wish you the best Anette, you truly deserve it. Love from Argentina.

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always. Congratulations on the baby also.

Lina said...

Hello! Love those jeans... I have a huge ring that I love that I got from Forever21 in New York. Not sure if you have any Forever21 stores in Sweden, but it is a great place for cool, cheap jewelery. I booked a trip to Finland! I will be there from July to August. It will be my first time traveling abroad; I am excited and nervous!


Damián said...

You look gorgeous Anette :)
p.s I've recently watched Imaginaerum the movie, and I really loved your performance during "Scaretale". You were very funny in that scene. Congrats for your work! Hope to see you acting again someday.

eliete said...

Beautiful leopard jeans! Why can't I find jeans like those in my city? Lol
Big love