Monday, February 04, 2013

Poor Nemo;=(

So, Nemo has gotten the flu and is really ill;=( 
Poor little one!

Now he´s resting with some medicine and I hope the high fever (over 40 degrees) will go down fast. It´s always hard to see the little ones being weak and ill, but luckily children are much stronger than us and gets better faster, so let´s hope for a speedy recovery!

The flu is really intense here in south of Sweden now so hard to not get it.

I hope you all are having a good start on the first day of the week and send my dear Nemo your curing thoughts, will you?;=)


Océane said...

Oh poor little boy!
My thoughts goes to him of course! Lots of huggies! :)
I see its the same problem as here in south of france. Every one catch a bad virus (the one I get days ago) with hight fever! Pahhh thats too bad!

Today I finally can go back home, and really cant wait for 5:30 pm to be out of here and finally get some fresh aiiiiir! :)
I saw the nutritionist this morning and already -5kg in 6 days! :) so a good start :)

Love and Hugs to Nemo this time :)

Have a great day sweetie!

Logan said...

hope he gets well soon :(

Rebel said...

i guess the flu is stronger in that part of Sweden because you don't have there a really strong winter, is better when there is a frost outside becuse whole bacteria and viruses are disaprearing,I hope you Anette won't get ill,take care of yourself and Nemo. And i hope that Johan and Seth won't get it.

Unknown said...

Hope Nemo gets well soon and that you stay healthy <3

Elmas said...

Uff, darned flues and colds!
Hope he gets well real soon! =)

Eleonore Saiga said...

Oww... :(

Lots of positive thoughts for Nemo ! Hope he'll be well soon !

I'm also having a cold and had a horrible night with coughing and sneezing :S

Anyway, have a nice day! :)


Tanya Yazykova said...

Poor Nemo! I wish he won't be ill soon! All the best for him! My rays of recovery and carying for him!
Hope all another things are good=)
With Love,

Dark Queen said...

Hi Nemo (and Anette, of course ;))
I understand you. It's not so good to be ill and weak.
Best wishes! Get well soon :)
Kisses and hugs to you! ♥

Meghan H. said...

Aw, here's hoping the medicine kicks in quickly and he feels better before you know it ;), give little Nemo a hug for me, and I hope you, Seth and Johan don't get the same flu either.

Take care xo

Unknown said...

Oh I hope Nemo gets well soon and fast. Over 40 degrees is very high...I hope it get down fast.
Give Nemo a big hug from me. I will get better soon and he can play and jumping around. ;-)

Karin said...

Of course we will:) All the best , and positive curing thoughts to him. Every other person has got the flu here in Finland also.
Take care of your sweet little boy , and hope he gets better soon !

Unknown said...

Ooh, poor little one :(

Here is a tips for you so the rest of you won't become ill too:

Cut off the top and bottom of an onion, and place it somewhere in the house, in the window or something. Even better, put one onion in each room! The onion attracts the bacteria, and will eventually turn darker. So you will not get ill, the onion will take the bacteria :) this really works!

Good luck, and best of wishes!

Dark Kitten said...

Poor Nemo:( Hope he will get better soon. Here in Russia we have the same problem. So many people are ill and I was sick last week. But luckily I feel OK now and I hope that this week would be a little bit better than the last one.
Lots of love:)

Unknown said...

Hi i hope that the little one gets better poor baby
I think it's normal because of the weather and the cold
So a lot if kisses and hugs of health to nemo for a quick recovery

MM said...

Yes, we will!
Poor little Nemo! I wish him to be better soon! Hope that you, Nettie, didn't get this flu! I send my love to you and little Nemo!
Kisses and hugs! :*

XxBriannaxX said...

I give lots of healing hugs to Nemo! I know how bad that flu is. :-( I just got over mine. I hope he gets well very fast and give him big hugs and kisses from me! :-)

saskia said...

Poor Nemo. Hope he get well soon.
I am sitting here with a cold, no fever but I am feeling weak and ill and I am coughing all the time and my voice disappear .I lay in my bed with headache and troat pain until now. And the worst thing : I have holidays and cant enjoy them.
best wishes to all of you!!

eskoplja said...

Poor little one :(
I would suggest lots of vitamin c, tea and honey. When I had flu, I used to drink "Beta glucan 3-d" pills..they are good for the immune system and they really helped me. I hope he gets well very soon. And give him an enormous hug from me to him :)
My mum sends a big hug to you all too :)
Take care

Ena :*

Nora said...

Ohhh...get well soon, little Nemo. What a poor start this week. :( Hope your little one gets well very soon!! It`s truly very hard to have an ill child at home...but it will get better the older they are. But I think you know that as you already have such a "big" boy at home. :) ;) Have a good day though...! Love, Nora. xx

Henk said...

Poor Nemo. I wish him a speedy recovery! We have a flu epidemic here in Russia, many schools and universities have been closed for quarantine. I hope this cold and wind will end soon and the weather will get a little nicer.

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Ohhh poor Nemo!
It really should not be much: '(
I hope he recovers quickly.
Lots and lots of Kisses & hugs for him!

Nalon said...

Hello poor Nemo,

I send you all good wishes that you're back healthy and happy soon.
So you quickly the little sunshine your family are.

Hello Anette,
Also in Germany the flu season begins. And it would be a lie to tell me that I'm not afraid to get it. Since I is the group I belong susceptible.
But luckily I had never * knocks on wood *

My start in the week was good.


Unknown said...

Aw hopefully he gets well very quickly. And u enjoy your day

Philippa said...

Oh poor little one! It's definitely flu season everywhere, because everyone seems to be sick lately. I'm at home with the flu as well, so as I'm trying to get better I'll send some of my healing thoughts your way. I hope your little man gets well soon! Hugs!

Taaja said...

Poor little one..
Also here in Slovenia the flue is present there days..

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Hi little Nemo :-) get will better very very soon, I send you big hugs :-)

Soffel said...

I hope he gets well soon. It's never nice to have the flu. Last time I had it, a friend of mine and me, we wanted to have a great weekend together. But then: 40 degrees. It was not nice, but she went to the pharmacy and get some medicine. A few hours later I felt better. So our weekend was saved :)

Have a nice week, Anette and get well, Nemo :)
Hugs, Soffel

migi said...

ooh no, poor boy :(
hope he gets well soon. best wishes to him and a big hug.
i remember when i was younger and i had the flu i listened to this song. :) well sometimes it helped a bit:)

take care of yourself.

Kriszti said...

Aww poor little Nemo! I hope he'll feel better soon and will go back to jumping in front of the camera when you're trying to take photos of yourself for the blog like he does sometimes :)

matotu said...

Hi, Anette.
I hope Nemo will be all right soon.

Dalma said...

Of course I’ll send them.
It’s flu season here, too. I think the situation is like that in the whole of Europe these days.

Luckily, I almost never get sick. I’ve been ill twice in my life. Once when I was as old as Nemo. They said it would take for a week but on the following day you could see me running up and down in the house. My second illness was similar. I’ve already forgotten how it feels being sick. =) It might be hard to believe but I really don't care about my health and I eat absolutely irregularly though illnesses always avoid me. Strange situation when everybody is sick in the family except you. =)

So yeah, children are strong and I’m sure Nemo will be OK within a few days. =)

All the best to you,

Anonymous said...

Ahh... 40 degrees is tough. Hope he gets well soon! Best wishes from me, including strength and optimism. :)

Betty Blue said...

Poor little cutie -.-
Let´s hope he recoveres very fast!!

Unknown said...

Oh no... poor Nemo :( But I hope he gets well very soon! I wish him speedy recovery and everything will be good! ;-)
Here in my country the flu season begins...
I wish your family a lot of health!!

Unknown said...

ahh ... poor Nemo. I feel sorry for him. I hope you get better soon. But still above forty degrees is a lot ... I hope you went somewhere with him :/ Say hello and let him get better soon;) :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Poor Nemo! :(

I really hope he gets to feeling better soon. Lots to healing thoughts his way - and yours so that nobody else in your family comes down with the flu.

I hope the week gets better for both of you. *hugs*

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Hi Anette,

I am sending Nemo (and everyone else in the family) beautiful healing thoughts through chi! :)


littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I send all my thoughts to Nemo, I'm sure he'll be fine soon ;-) And I also cross my fingers for you and the baby because I think it's really sad to be pregnant and ill :-(

I hope that you had a nice day, taking care of Nemo.

And about Oprah I was so surprised yesterday evening that I could'nt comment your post ! I hope that it's not true... She is so famous in US all the women watch het TV show or read her magazine...

Katharine Rv said...

Poor kid! :(
Hope he will feel much better really really soon! :**
Lots of curing thoughts to him and huge hugs!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Sorry to hear Nemo is ill. I'm sure he'll get better soon though :-)

Take care :-)

Unknown said...

Hope Nemo gets well soon, Anette

Unknown said...

ahh ... poor Nemo. I feel sorry for him. I hope you get better soon. But still above forty degrees is a lot ... I hope you went somewhere with him :/ Say hello and let him get better soon;) :)

AlessandraWilderness said...

I send lots of kisses to Nemo and I hope he'll be better soon!!! :( poor little one :( please, let us know about any news!! This is my first day for my new job, I'm working as a secretary in a dental studio in which my father and other associates work, just trying to earn some money...I hope I'll learn many things and improve soon because I've never worked in this sector! meanwhile I've enrolled myself to the second level studies at university and I've to study too...Sorry if I cannot follow your blog sometimes but I'm often busy, but when I have time I always read the posts I've missed so I can be up to date! =) have a nice evening, and a big hug to sweet Nemo!

Unknown said...

oww poor baby...

maybe i will sound as a grandma, but if you have chicken in your fridge, make a chicken soup, it really works, an efficent home-made remedy!!

Andi said...

Hi Anette!

I read this comment shortly after you posted and thought the whole day on Nemo that he gets better. I had his little hand with his little fingers in mind - as I don't know his face...and I am sure Peter Pan helps as well :) With that much love, kisses, hugs and best wishes he will get better soon :)
I hope and wish that nobody else in your family gets sick.
Maybe try that suggestion with the onion. Sounds very unusual but somehow I think it works. If you try, please share with us if it helped.

Sleep well!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!

I really hope Nemo will feel better very soon and the fever goes down.
I am thinking all the time about your lovely Nemo and wish he will recover soooon.

Hugs and kisses to Nemo and you.


Anonymous said...

Dalma Talas:

Hi and wow! :-) You've only been ill twice in your life! That is truly remarkable and amazing! :-) I wish I was like that. You must have a hell of a strong immune system :D I think it would be interesting to see how you'd stand up to working on a hospital ward like me :-) There are loads of germs and bugs flying around in that environment ( even though we keep it as clean as possible ).

Take care! :-)

Unknown said...

Poor nemo :( I send him my best wishes and positive vibes! May god bless you little one! Hugs!

Beatrix said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry it's a little late but I hope little Nemo recovers quickly! The best thing to do is to drink lots of water and take vitamin C.

Hugs to you all! X