Monday, October 19, 2015

Odd molly

Today I am at home being ill with a really horrible eye infection and well, that s-cks but I guess a day of resting is needed in all the stress I have had the last months. Back on track tomorrow at the hospital and only 2 weeks left of this internship and then I hit the regular school bench again. 

Yesterday me and Johan had an afternoon without our kids, they were at my mums place having fun so we ate a nice pizza, bought some new plants for our home and just enjoyed being alone. We stopped and took outfit photos and as always we had fun! I hope there are some guys reading the blog who like to see Johan´s outfits too and I want to know if any of you are interested buying some of his Dsquared2 jeans and such cause then I´ll put them up in my shop too=)

My outfit:
cardigan ODD MOLLY, leather pants PRADA, top BAUM UND PFERDGARDEN , bag MULBERRY, shoes ZARA, glasses BJÖRN BORG

Johan´s outfit:
pants ZARA, shoes JIMMY CHOO for H&M, jacket RNT23 LONDON, sweater DEAD LEGACY


Anonymous said...

Two years ago Anette I got an eye infection. It was horrible. My left eye was blood-shot, sore, and it had this nasty substance seeping from it. It develpoed while I was very ill recovering from a respiratory tract infection, which in turn was caused by stress from working almost every day for a period of two months on a desperately short-staffed hospital ward with some volatile patients to look after. Me and my few colleagues were being attacked ( physically & verbally ) on a daily basis. I reckon we had the highest security call out percentage rate more that any other ward in the hospital. It was like being on an episode of the Jerry Springer show :-)

Get well soon Anette! :-)

Karin said...

Eye infections are fom hell! When my children were small, we suffered from infections all the time... Had always a bottle of eyedrops in the fridge.
Hope you will be better soon ��

I really like this outfit! Looks good on you, and I've always liked Odd Molly.
And your Johan is looking goooood!���� And we got a little smile from him also ��

Take care,
och kram av

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh, I wish you to get well soon again and hope you already felt better today when being back at working.

Your outfits both are very beautiful and cool and I wouldn´t mind buying some of Johan´s jeans in general, but I guess they wouldn´t fit me unfortunately. But you could put them up in the store despite that, I´m sure you would find some buyers anyway :).

Have a great and restful evening and get well soon again :). Hugs and light to you!

Fabio M. said...

Hi, Anette.
I'm always reading you and I like when you remember the guys in these topics. I like this kind of stuff, see "rock" combinations and get some inspiration in Johan's outfit. I just need to get better when it comes to make my own style heheh.

I hope you are doing great, completely healthy.