Friday, October 16, 2015

Blue friday


And my friday have been a really shitty one but hey, still friday and I won't hang my head down but be happy and I wanted my outfit to be autumn with a sparkle of color so some leoprint in blue and a pink bag made the trick. And Johan joined me for a fun photo again, so his outfit is also here for the guys that might read my blog=)

Enjoy your evening!!

Necklace & OTHER STORIES, shoes ZARA, leggings WOLFORD, white shirT and knit H&M, grey socks H&M bag MIKAEL KORS and skirt BY MALENE BIRGER

Johan´s outfit: jeans DSQUARED 2, long sweater H&M, leather jacket GIORGIO BRATO, shoes JIMMY CHOO BY H&M


Pascal said...

Oh... that´s a pity of course. And I´m not sure if I´m influenced by this information, but I also have the impression that this time you also don´t look as happy as usual, apart from in the picture together with Johan. Damn, and I wished you a great friday right this morning, seems to not have worked. Well, unfortunately we have those shitty days and I feel sorry it hit you today. But don´t forget that you are wonderful and you always SHINE, even in the biggest darkness, and that tomorrow will be a new, hopefully nicer day :).

Both of your outfits are great anyway and I wish you, despite your friday wasn´t good, an enjoyable evening now and lots of positive energy and comforting hugs!

Anonymous said...

My favourite lady Viking, if any day of the week should be shitty then surely it should be tomorrow when it's Saturday. I mean, it has got the word 'turd' bang in the middle of it! :-) Ironically, it's meant to be a nice day of the week despite that.

I've just seen your Instagram and until I read the comment I seriously though you were going to fry some chips rather than making an apple pie. Frying as it's 'Fri'day! :-)

I'm going to stop now as I've presently run out of being witty by making words out of other words.

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

Anonymous said...

I always say "there is always tomorrow", it sucks to have a bad day but it's always possible to turn things right around! :D Hope you have a great weekend! I'm working, haha... ;)

The One Who Should Die said...

It's so fun seing your husband (and your kids) better =)