Friday, October 30, 2015

Favorites for autumn

So these items are things I would love to own this autumn but they are to pricy so only window-shopping is allowed=)

1. GUCCI top 2. CHLOÈ bag Faye 3. Louboutin shoe 4. VALENTINO knit


Anonymous said...

I think your best chance of obtaining a pair of Louboutin would be to write a letter to Santa :-)

Happy Friday my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Hmm, that's a pity of course that they cost too much, because those things really look beautiful :). Especially the top with those red leaves would suit you well.

I wish you a very HAPPY HELLOWEEN today :). And I will write More on the new things in here this evening, because I'll be busy today, but I wish you and your family a very great time and see you later!

Lots of hugs and light to you :).