Thursday, October 29, 2015

O´hoy pirates!!

So me and the boys went to HEMBYGDSPARKEN in ÄNGELHOLM today and had some lovely hours in the autumn weather that gave us some sun and 12 degrees so a perfect day!

In the park there´s some animals and a playground and by the park there´s a river called RÖNNE Å so the surroundings are great to spend some hours with children.

Nemo and Mio fighting over who should steer the pirate ship

Pirate flag on the ship

Lots of lovely leaves on the ground now in different colors making the forest look so beautiful

They have built a cute area in the forest called PYTTESKOGEN where they have cottages like the above, wooden horses to ride on and more, perfect to run around and climb on for the kids

The river is beautiful

My lovely NEMO

And sweet Mio

Like a painting

The fun thing is that this park was there when I was as small as Mio so I´ve been here with my mum and then with all my children, Seth also when he was smaller=)

Wearing my beautiful blouse from SECOND FEMALE and coat from HENNES & MAURITZ, bag from GINA TRICOT, rings from TIFFANYS, nail polish CHANEL, culottes ZARA and boots from PRADA


Karin said...

Oh how I really enjoyed those photos! Can almost feel the smell of the forest, and that feeling of being there: nature, colours, fresh air, and the joy of those lovely boys :)
I just love that photo where Mio is running. Beautiful and touching.
These are the moments which makes life so worth living :)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like a lovely place to go. and mio is growing so fast.....

Vinga said...

My girls fighting about everything ;) and age difference betwen they is 6 years :) but we see that they are in love with echone :)