Sunday, October 25, 2015

12 years ago

Today I think of my beloved extra family in USA - The Bruelands that I got to meet during my time in Nightwish and who got to be like my extra mum and sister. Their brother Mark died 12 years ago and if you haven't heard of this, Tuomas wrote the song HIGHER THAN HOPE where you also can hear Mark´s voice speak.

Every single time I have sung this song its been like Mark´s been there and it´s been a honor to sing it for Georgene and Erin and today I cherish these moments by sharing the videos of me singing this song that I truly love so much.

All my love to Erin and Georgene and my thoughts to you on this hard day



Pascal said...

And this post goes directly to my heart and makes me also quite sad and reflective in a way. I didn´t know the story so far, I just heard about it some time when I listened actively to Nightwish in those years when you were in the band, but I never knew what it was exactly about. And well, I remember a blog post of you some years ago, where you wore some shirt and called it an „hommage to the Bruelands in San Diego“ or something like that, and I sat there wondering „Bruelands... who are those guys?“ I also searched on the internet for information, but didn´t find anything.

Well, now I know which story lies behind this name and gosh, it´s a sad story. Maybe it´s also touching me extra strong because somehow this name never went out of my head and I felt I wanted to find out what it is about them. And well, now the sad, sad answer came very sudden and unexpected. And it hits me, because I feel so sorry for this family and it´s difficult to find fitting words for this topic which, though I don´t know them or their lost family member, affects me deeply. Let´s just be with them in our thoughts today as you said and cherish the memory of a beloved person... we can die in this world, but we are never gone forever. And when people remember us and keep us in their minds, we stay immortal :).

Even though it´s a sad day, I wish you a nice sunday Anette that you can enjoy and thanks for sharing such sad, but important information and speaking about thoughtful topics in here :).

Lots of hugs and light!

Alejandro Gls said...

I think in this song all this day... Now, i know why.