Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween vacation

Hi all and happy Thursday and Halloween week=)

I have 4 days off finally after many months of hard work in school and so on and well, except I have gotten a bad cold it´s wonderful to be off and having my kids at home from pre-school=)

I´ll try and take some new beautiful photos for you and of course some new outfits. 

For now I leave you with some words I always think of that helps me in days that might feel harder and that we all have in life:



Love and light,


Anonymous said...

Happy halloween week to you also my favourite lady Viking! :-)

So sorry to hear you've got a bad cold :-(

Did you know I've not had a cold for nearly two years now? This is true I kid you not :-) I reckon this is due to the fact that until November 2013 I spent 13 years working on hospital wards / nursing homes. As there are more germs & bugs than people in these places, I've found that since leaving, my immune system is a lot harder than most other people's. This is the explanation I give to people when I tell them of this super-power I seem to have aquired :-)

The usual pattern is that I start to feel I'm sickening up for something, for example this could be the beginnings of a sore throat, and I'll feel a bit groggy for a day or two. Then suddenly, before it has a chance to develop any further, it's as though my body's defence network is called to arms, and whatever it was that was bugging me, so to speak, get's absolutely smashed to pieces! :-)

It's just a shame it can't mend double-sided inguinal hernia complications though :-(

Anyway, if I was in your presence Anette, you would'nt be able to give me your cold no matter how hard you tried. Not that I'd want it anyway :-) If you don't want a cold, seemingly ever again it seems, then work for 13 years or more on a hospital ward, and when you stop you're immune system will be as hard as mine :-)

Get well soon my favourite lady Viking! :-) Plenty of fluids & Vitamin C

supershredgod said...

Looking super fit Anette! If you keep going you might turn into a she-Hulk! Seriously though, it's great to hear you have some well deserved time off after many months of hard work! It's always nice getting a break from the daily grind of work and school and being able to enjoy time with friends and family. Hopefully you get over the cold soon and can enjoy your time off to the full extent! Looking forward to seeing more great photos and new outfits! Don't forget the butt shots! ;)

Enjoy your day!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i guess you will enjoy your 4 days off, even with a bad cold... ;)
i love halloween! not the commercial part, though. but i enjoy watchin movies like the nightmare before christmas, beetlejuice, hocus pocus and many others, and i especially love them when it's halloween...
reading your quote, sadly what doesn't kill us is not always making us stronger; for people like me, it means more depression, and wondering how many time it will take to be killed from your invisible wounds. if i'm still alive, it's because there is people like you around.... but even so, i'm still desperately lonely up to the point it hurts, whith nobody to hold me for a while. it's torture..... sorry, i just need to tell this, i hope you don't mind.
hugs & love <3