Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stars on a friday

Well, finally weekend and I have 3 whole days OFF!! Whoop whoop=)

So let´s celebrate it with some stars and blue in this outfit and let´s say CHEERS and have a glass of wine and welcome the weekend.



Frilly Frenchie said...

nice jeans. nice rings!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Well, now the weekend is almost over again, which is a pity. But it´s nice that you have one more free day tomorrow, I have to go back to university tomorrow. But well, I don´t mind it, so far I really like it there and the studying. Everything was quite complicated and confusing at the beginning, but meanwhile, after two weeks, I know the university and my courses and I feel like being in the right place and having chosen the right way :).

But I´m about to straggle, sorry :D. You chose a great outfit once again and those stars make the jeans extra cool, they SHINE like you do :).

supershredgod said...

You look great as always Anette! I can't help but comment on how amazing your butt looks amazing in that pair of jeans too! You should totally show it off more in photos and maybe even do a modeling blog in a bikini or lingerie! (Hey, one can always hope at least, right? ;D) All that hard work in the gym is paying off without a doubt! It's so hard to believe that you are in your 40's because you certainly do not look it!

Also, I'd just like to add that I think it is amazing how positive, loving, and caring you seem to be despite whatever negativity you might have faced in the past. It is truly inspiring and has made me have a more positive outlook on my own life. I have followed you for awhile despite never posting on here, but have always admired what you have to say! I also love seeing all the fashion blogs as well. I sure wish I would have had the opportunity to see you live with NW! Regardless, DPP will always be one of my favorite NW albums!

Looking forward to seeing more blogs (and more butt shots too, hehe! ;P)

Enjoy your day!