Saturday, October 31, 2015

Denim love

Todays outfit is a cute denim skirt combined with a lovely blouse adding some color=)

Leather jacket DSQUARED 2, blouse and skirt BIK BOK, bag GINA TRICOT, boots GUCCI, stockings ÅHLÉNS and glasses BJÖRN BORG

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Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I didn't really find time yesterday to comment as I had planned, but here I am now :). I like this outfit a lot, as well as your Make up from yesterday and your helloween outfit you posted in your instagram :D. That was a very cool one. I myself didn't do anything specific on helloween the last years, last time I went around on helloween together with a friend, clad in spooky costumes and asking for sweets, is almost ten years ago :). And I remember this Night we literally met some mean people, also some, let's say elder man, who wasn't into helloween at all, and after we had ringed the bell at his house, we literally almost ended up being beaten up... He waited for us on the street as we returned to walk back to my friend's house and I can tell you, seeing his Silhouette in the dark, holding some ski stick, was terrifying as f*ck. We didn't dare to walk towards him, but it was the only way back home so we had to and as we passed him, for God's sake, he only gestured aggressively with his stick and shouted rude things, but he didn't harm us.

Well, so much for my memories of my last helloween tour... Gosh, when I remember this Guy standing there in the dark with his stick, I shiver again. Since then I didn't really dress up or so in helloween, but I still like it, the atmosphere, helloween parties where People dress up and maybe I'll visit such next year, and seeing children walking around and having fun. Even though I experience it rather passively, I think it's a nice time :).

The other stuff going on here in the blog is also nice and great, thank you so much for sharing those beautiful Moments with us and those wise and true words :). I like sayings and wise words a lot and those you posted in here during the week are so great... Sometimes we have moments in Life where we need to read certain things, so... thank you :).

I continually follow the Blog and read this all after you had posted it, but somehow I didn't find Rest during this week to comment on those things. I hope your eye infection got better already and well, I thank you for always being there spending so much light :). Have a nice sunday and lots of hugs and light to you!