Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumns cosiest clothes

The best thing with when the weather gets a bit colder is that its ok to wear comfy knitted clothes and boots, my favorites to wear.

Warm knitted culotte pants are really comfy and great if you want people to see your boots since they are shorter than regular pants. I love my new hair clip in gold but when I see the photo I realize I need to color my hair in the roots again! Gosh, my hair grows fast!

Pink scarf GUCCI, knitted top H&M LOGG, knitted culottes LINDEX, boots ZARA, knee socks PIERRE ROBERT and hair pin LINDEX

I´ve been to the university all day since early morning since we had our last seminar with the course MUSIC AND HEALTH I am taking and it was a fun day! I´ll write more about what we did in another post later on but lots of apps to play on and try out cool electronic stuff.

When I drove home I got Mio and Nemo some Kinder eggs they got after dinner and as always they loved both the chocolate as well as the surprise.

IPad boys=)

Ipad is the thing at home too for both small as well as older people=)

Haven´t shown you our newest flowers we got in Höganäs saluhall last weekend and they are still so beautiful!

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

lovely clothes.... i'm in love with your scarf! and am i dreaming or nemo and mio are growing a lot?
hugs & love <3