Monday, October 12, 2015

A lovely sunday with the family

When the sun shows itself here in Sweden in the autumn, it can actually be quite warm and that feeling of HAPPINESS just pours inside and we always try and be outside and sip the lovely nature in and yesterday we went to a nice place here in Helsingborg called JORDBRODALEN

Big playground, lovely pouring water and more is perfect for the whole family.

I didn't feel like fixing my hair and make up so these outfit photos should be without the head, haha, but well, I am OK with showing also a bad face day in here=)


Johan and Mio hanging out in the sand

Jumping on stones are so FUN! Mios jacket is from POLARN & PYRET, pants from ZARA and shoes from ADIDAS

Nemo in cool pants

Shoes from HUMMEL and cap from H&M, jeans from LINDEX

The lovely duck pond is so nice and the ducks are always fun to watch 

Coat from MARNI, boots from FIORENTINE BAKER, jeans from DSQUARED2, bag LOUIS VUITTON and denim blouse from DSQUARED2

Got us a lovely flower bouquet in HÖGANÄS SALUHALL where we also got lots of yummie ecological veggies for a fish soup Johan made in the evening

And I actually got this handsome dude to be in a photo with me (he didn't have a bad face day like me;=)

His clothes are from ZARA, sunglasses from RAYBAN, jeans from DSQUARED2 and old boots


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

First of all, WOHOO! congratulations on your passed exam! I'm happy for you and well, since my studies just started I have no exams coming up soon, but I guess I'll be quite nervous then :).

Great to see you had a nice sunday with your Family and the outfit looks great, just like the last one. I still don't have so much time to Write in here and, in addiction, I now have internet Problems at home and hope I can fix them soon, then I'll be back for more :).

I wish you another nice and beautiful day and a great start into a hopefully great week :). Lots of hugs and light to you!

Anonymous said...

You're adorable! What a beautiful family.

karin said...

Lovely pictures ! Enjoy life :-)

Mirna_333 said...

Johan needs to SMILE!!! LOL he looks so serious :) Your face is fine, why do you keep saying you have a bad face day, you look awesome with a very lovely smile :) You don't need make up xxxx Mirna

Karin said...

Lovely looking couple, lovely looking children, lovely looking park and playground... ! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Nettie, you do not have a bad face
days! with or without makeup, u r so pretty, believe me

Ally B. said...

It doesn't look like you're having a bad face day. You look beautiful without makeup!

Anyways, it seems like you all had a great day! I am so happy to see that. Take care!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

thank you for sharing these lovely moments with us.... <3