Saturday, October 03, 2015

A hidden spot

Today we took a ride with our car and wanted to find some nice forest spots and as we drove into a small forest road and parked our car we found the nicest place with a BIG lake and lovely forest. 

A hidden place and we spent all afternoon there, walking around, sitting just watching the wonderful scenery and we said we need to come back and have some fishing tools and have a barbecue by the lake. Maybe already tomorrow. 

Nature gives energy and light we really need cause soon winter is here

I collect these moments in my inner room and use them as energy the darker and harder days. Positive feelings are important to store within and use when we need it the most.

Leaves are turning colors already

Sweden - the most beautiful country in the world

We want a house here by this lake - it would be a dream come true

Nemo having fun

My boys

Mio is such a big boy now

And my man=)

Nature boy, hehe


Anonymous said...

A couple of days back I found a hidden spot too Anette. Sandwiched between my left cheekbone and the extreme corner point of my nose! :-)

Seriously though, your camera seems to have been very busy and these are very nice photos indeed :-) Cheers for sharing

I bid you goodnight my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Pascal said...

Good morning Anette!

Wow, what a place! This is stunning and wonderful nature at its best. You might be right about Sweden and once again I wish I would live there. It is more than one Year now that I was there and I hope I can visit it again soon :).

It's good to see that you had a great day with your Family and could find some energy to keep inside. That's important as you say and I also need some positive energy, because tomorrow there is my First day at university and I'm looking forward for sure, but am also excited :). I chose a course that includes foreign languages. I always was fascinated by studying languages and had good marks in English and French, so I thought why not turning something I like to do into something I can work with later. I have no distinct plan for a job yet, but I see myself working as a translator or so. I would definitely like that and the languages I study will be French and Spanish. Unfortunately they don't offer scandinavian languages like Swedish, because actually that is what I wish to learn, but I feel that this also will come in time :).

For now I wish you a beautiful sunday and a lot of fun if you go back to this place today :).

Karin said...

Lovely lovely pics. I like taking naturepics in the autumn: the light is lower and sharper, and of course the nature is more colourful!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

it looks like a wonderful place....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Makes me really miss going on my walks. Today is beautiful here so maybe I should get off the computer and go make some photos of my own!

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, as always <3 <3 <3