Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where did all the hours go?

Life spins so fast now;=) My days are just floating by and most days I feel like I would need more hours. 

Luckily, it´s fun things most of the time so then it´s ok and I actually like having lots of stuff to do when it´s FUN things I need to do;=)

Photo Annicka Photography, hair Linda Lindskog ROOTS, make up by me

So time for bed and no fun photos today since it´s been so grey and I´ve been mostly inside working, making more songs and later this evening I´ve been at Nemo´s pre-school for a parents meeting with the staff. Nice to meet all the parents;=)

But tomorrow it´s FRIDAY and I wish for some nicer weather so my morning walk can give you some nice photos. Fingers crossed!

Sleep well now!


Océane said...

This photo seems awesome! Would love to see it without all that "post production" effects!

After 2 weeks of grey weather it looks like summer is already back! Too hot here! Puuhh! But I dont complain! :)

Sleep well my dear

Unknown said...

Hi Nettie

Einsteins theory of relativity hey? For now we have sunny weather so everyday is nice and bright.

I hope things went well with nemo and the teathers and stuff! But now its late so i'm gonna go to sleep listening to DPP:)

Goodnight Diva of metal!

Serafim said...

Good morning, dear! :-)
Yes, time flies so we should enjoy every moment of it as you always say ) Now I'm enjoying drinking my tea and eating a piece of cake ;=)
Today the weather is rainy in hometown but it's rather warm: about +20 degrees in the afternoon. What about your weather? Is it nicer? I hope so :-)
Wish you a wonderful morning walk!
Best wishes,

Btw, all photos from photoshoot are truly fantastic! Well done, girls :-)

Unknown said...

I know the feeling, Anette. As I'm getting older, my days are getting shorter. We need 48 hrs of daylight instead of 12 hrs :-)

Henk said...

Have a nice dreams!

Unknown said...

Super picture :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

Well, what's left of it! :-) Fucking hell, I'm so drunk! :-)

Night night my favourite lady Viking! :-) x