Monday, October 28, 2013

The calm before the storm

Hi all,

This monday is mainly about awaiting the storm/hurricane that´s coming in from Great Britain later today. When Seth was a little boy and I lived in my house, we had the hurricane Gudrun coming and boy, she came! We had a party with our friends and I was in the kitchen, preparing a fondue for us. 

It was a total hurricane outside and Seth was so scared and asked me: 
-Mum, is it dangerous?

- No, we´re safe here inside our house. It´s built of bricks and we have a strong roof so no worries little one;=)

Well, almost directly after I had calmed him down, there was a sound so LOUD above us and then the biggest bangs and we all got so scared and rushed to the windows! We saw our roof bricks literally blow off our roof and down to the ground where they almost hit our two cars and the neighbours cars. So close that all the cars were damaged but luckily the bricks fell on their sides...

The next day we walked out to see the destruction and how many bricks we had lost and it was 85 bricks who feel that night from our roof! None of the other houses were damaged but since my house was the corner house and had no houses on the sides or back, only a big field, the hurricane took a hold of the roof and the building company had made the mistake of placing our roof bricks in the wrong direction on the very top, which led to them being easy to blow off. 

Thankfully no one got hurt and when we then read about other parts further up in Småland in Sweden and all the trees that fell, making so many loose their trees and money, our roof felt like a tiny thing to talk about. But the scare we all felt when that hurricane swooshed away our roof bricks - that I´ll never forget!

Let´s just pray and hope that this hurricane coming won´t make such big damage as Gudrun did to our country. And I hope Great Britain will manage and cope without to much damage too.


Betty Blue said...

Sounds horrible! I hope this time it won´t be that bad! Be careful, darling... :-*

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh my god... that´s definitely NOT nice to hear.. please Anette, take good care today! A hurricane can be so dangerous. Thank you for sharing the story to us, it was very interesting :). I hope you´ll do well and I believe so. Please inform us, ok? And of course, good luck to Great Britain too from me.

Take good care now of yourself as always and I wish you the best with it, Anette!


littlemimo said...

The hurricane was near my region last night and all is ok here.
Some trees and electricity transmissions suffered during the night.
I did'nt sleep a lot cause of the noise of the hurricane but since this morning the sun is back (with wind of course but not like last night).
Have a nice day

Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

The storm is in The Netherlands right now. We have fewer trains, cancelled flights and ferries cannot enter the port.

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
I hope she was not too dangeourous !
Take care of you !
I hope you'll don't have any dammaged in Sweden and you too !
With love

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette : - )

Well, my friend in London sent me a text message very late last night saying that hurricane Jude was beginning to intensify where he was. Here in my part of northern Britain it's quite windy outside though it's been predicted that we'll miss the worse of hurricane Jude. I hope that is the case but weather forecasters don't get it right all the time.

This might be a pain for me as I'm in work tonight and I'm hoping that I'll be able to come home tomorrow morning. I don't want to be stranded at the hospital as I'm already sick of the place enough as it is.

When Jude reaches Sweden I hope she doesn't do too much damage.

Good luck to Sweden plus anywhere else in the world affected by Jude and try to stay safe my favourite lady Viking :-)

Dalma said...

You rushed to the windows? That's really sweet, but rather don't do that if you have a choice. =)

It's so Murphy that the neighbours didn't have a problem but you did...

Anyway, our house is a corner house, too. Plus there's a big cornfield around us. That's why when there's a strong wind, we always feel it even stronger. But we don't have big tornadoes and hurricanes hereabout, so good for us! :D

That's one of the reasons why I like living here. We don't have those dangerous stuffs that other places often have. Like tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, snowslides and who knows what else. =)

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I had no idea such a thing was happening in Sweden. Oh, the joys of Italian news. I'm so sorry this happened! It truly shows how powerless and tiny we are, after all, when we have to face Mother Nature's force. I'm glad and thankful you're safe and sound. I'm terribly sorry you all got so scared, but it was more than legit and understandable! I hope the kids are all right. Oh, and I hope you manage to fix your roof very soon!
Wishing you the best (remember to relax a bit now, I'm sure you got stressed out so bad!)

vesna said...

the title of your blog reminded me of the song- the storm before the calm, from Anathema,which i btw adore;

fingers crossed and keep yourself safe, sweetie!

subwaytosally18642 said...

Hello Anette,

the memory you shared with us reminds of a storm we had here 14 years ago.

My mum, my brother and me were living in a house close to the forest. The parking lot was even closer, directly from where the parking lot ended the forest began. Then, this violent storm was coming. It was really a huge storm, causing a lot damage.
When the storm was getting stronger, my mum and my brother were arguing whether our car was still safe on the parking lot. My mum said yes, my brother no. So he drove the car from the lot and just as he was getting away from a big tree crashed down right on the place where our car had been standing. That was a really scary moment but fornuately nothing happened.

I hope you don't have such a terrible experience as last time.
Take care, Anette.

Unknown said...

Hey Anette I hope you and your sons are fine!
I really want to thank you for your voice blessed! Because of her I made my drawing more delicate, I will send to you when he be finished I hope you really like!!!

I will thank you forever
Thanks again :D
I'm from Brazil and musics inspire me to do drawings especially voices like yours full of good emotions.

Peace & love :)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
Oh, I'm really sorry for what happened.
This year I went back to Japan just to renew my visa because I want to come back permanently one day and the first thing which said welcome to me there was a hurricane too. I was hoping to visit Tokyo but the trains were all stopped. It was three days this way and I have to confess I was scared. This kind of thing we can never be used, no matter if we live 100 years with them.
I hope Seth's doing alright, and so are you and the other boys. I'll be praying here for all swedish people.

Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

Hey Anette :)

I truly hope you and all Sweden will recover as fast as possible from this storm. And that it was more fear than harm.

Hold on dear Anette ! You and you whole family.

Best feelings from France :))

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
I hope that nothing will happen to you.
Good night and take care!!!

Hugs and love :*

Philippa said...

Hej Anette,

I hope you're well :)
I was really nervous about this storm, as I was flying from France (where my parents live) back home to Scotland this morning, and I was afraid my flight would either be delayed or cancelled. Luckily my flight was on time and we only had some minor turbulence. Apparently the storm hit southern England hardest, and actually all the way up in Scotland nothing happened at all. So yeah, I was relieved.

But I heard that 2 people in the Netherlands actually died due to the storm yesterday, which is of course horrible :(

Storms like these are always very scary.

I hope you're having a lovely evening! Lots of love xxx

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!I hope everything is okay with the hurricane..storms show the power of nature and it can be very fascinating and this natural show can be very spectacular..but when you watch that sitting the couch in front of the tv..:-)Hope that Mio will be sleeping and not much scared!Crank the volume of the stereo with the new cd of Tarja..eventually!Ciao!

Unknown said...

Hopefully all will be well. My girlfriend's in Sweden and I was talking to her earlier and she mentioned the storm. About an hour before she had to leave for bed she said some of her neighbours were already without electricity and some of the electronics in her apartment had began to glitch. She was rather calm about it but I'm a bit worried. Hopefully all will be well for her as well as for you and yours!

And that story was a bit scary :/ We don't have hurricanes where we live because it's a big depression and we're surrounded by mountains, but we do get the occasional horrid storm. Once, when I was very little, a lightning bolt tore off a tree outside my grandparents' house - thankfully it fell away from the house. And lately we've had big branches from the eucalyptus trees falling on our orchard due to strong winds... Hopefully the weather will calm down soon for us all!

Love and hugs from Mexico C:

Anonymous said...

In Oud-Turnhout where my bf lives they blocked the way of the preserve. Cops commands and the mayor too but Carl decided to go into the preserve anyway otherwise we had no place to stay. After all the storm wasn't that heavy. I think I had worse before.

In America we had rain for 2 days and in America the rain isn't like here... Pooring rain all the time and it was the last bit of heavy rain of a tropical storm! We were so lucky we weren't in the eye of the storm ;-)

Chris said...

Hey Anette!

Gosh that sounds horrible. But everything will be fine, im sure.

But of course im sending out a big wish and prayer that everything will be fine. May the hurricane will be slowed down and weaker when it crossed the uk.

So,i really hope everything is fine this far and you all feel great

Take really good care please.
I´m sending you all the best thats possible with warmth happieness and a big smile ;) :)
And of course all best to your family too^^

With all the best and crossed fingers
Chris :)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

The calm before the strom is the name of one of my fave Anathema's song! haha heart it Anette,you will love it!

It sounds scary, a huricane pass near you... I never witnessed a natural disaster like this... God bless Brazil with that! haha

Hope you are fine anette.... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! Unfortunately 5 people have died here due to the bad winds. Trees have been mostly to blame - crushing people to death, but one boy got swepped into the sea :( very sad. Than god it missed me as it mainly hit the south part of the U.K. So i'm sending you best wishes and hope it doesn't do any damage where you are. xxx

Duskclaw said...

Sounds really scary! We don't get hurricanes where I live, and hopefully we never will. Stay safe, Anette!

Unknown said...

I guess how your house maintained minimal damage as opposed to others is a testament to how strong your house is. At least you only need to do minimal repairs afterwards. Though from the looks of it, even well-made homes and sturdy trees were uprooted due to that hurricane. Hopefully everything is back to normal by now, and just in time for the holidays. Stay safe!