Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Good evening;=)

Today I ran again after having had to rest for some days due to a soar throat which made me take it easy since exercising with a painful throat can be really dangerous. But since I felt so much better and no pain I decided to put on my running gear and go out this late afternoon;=)

Felt great and I ran 8 k´s in the lovely weather. Hard to understand it´s autumn since the last days have given us warmer temperatures up against 15-17 degrees the most. But thanks to that, I´ve been out walking all days through just sipping in the fresh air and relaxing myself from things and stress.

The view is always stunning by the sea and today I took these two lovely photos:

Can I live in a more beautiful and lovely place? I feel so blessed having this so close to me. The ocean is so soothing and perfect for meditation and I always sit there, listening to the ocean and read for some time while Mio sleeps in the pram, like yesterday when I took the photo below;

There´s a nice ship lying in the harbour that has intrigued me and yesterday I googled it and it´s a ship belonging to the company called Polar Quest who arrange trips to Svalbard, Antarktis and so on. Would love to go there but well, as I´ve said before, I hate boats and get sea sick so, no trip for me;=)

On my walks I also walk through our different parks and look at all the lovely trees and flowers and now the trees exchange color in their leaves and it´s just so beautiful to follow it every day. Still, many trees are green and we can thank the warm autumn for that;=)

There´s even some flowers in the grass that I wouldn´t think would survive a normal autumn with cooler temperatures, like these small purple ones below;

Then yesterday I went in to my church, Mariakyrkan, and lit a candle as I do often and this time I was lucky enough to get in while the organ player practiced the organ so I took a nice little video too and some in my INSTAGRAM thought it was a bit spooky and scary so maybe a great little "halloween" video;=) (do you see the little red heart in my photo below? An angel sending me love, maybe?=)

Here you can click on the link to watch the video from my candle lighting in my INSTAGRAM:

And then my outfit from yesterday, a relaxed one and cosy one:

Lots of bracelets:

And a black turtleneck knit from H&M, jeans from Dsquared2, boots Novita, socks Twilfit and bag Louis Vuitton:

 Now time to hit the bed and try and get some sleep;=) 

Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi anette!, amazing pictures imagine when all the leaves change their color *.* wow so beautiful, you look great and for me you are more beautiful everyday =). Thanks for share the pictures with us, in the video.. haha yeah you sound spooky it was fun xD

Duskclaw said...

That is indeed a lovely life you live, dear Anette! Man, I kind of envy you. Nothing that pretty close to where I live. To see the sea, I need to go on a 6 hours car trip. Oh, well. At least there are mountains not so far from here.

Unknown said...

Here in my city, has come real autumn: cold and windy :( I have not been running in these days, because they were sooo cold and windy!
You live in such lovely city! Very beautiful views! This photo with little red heart looks mystical! Yeah, angel sends your love and luck ;-)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi Anette
beautiful pictures ( and nice piano )
thechosenone665 - jag kan säga att deal är klar och vilka som ska prodda plattan med mig är klart oxå men skivbolaget vill vara de som släpper nyheten så mer kan jag inte säga än😉 men allt känns himla bra! Låtar har jag många så svårt välja men bättre det👍

I don't understand, you signed a contract with a record label? if so, great news =)
Google Translate can not help me with the Swede haha
answer me about the label, please
Hugs ♥


Unknown said...

mathews: Yeah, a deal is signed but can´t say more cause it´s the label who will tell everything;=) Take care now!

AlessandraWilderness said...

I always love reading posts like this =) one of the things of you I like most is that you is that attention to those little wonderful things of life and of the world, like nature, flowers, little moments of joy filtered by your pure soul, the same emotions I can perceive as you sing too... I love nature too and, as I look at the sea, at the moon (I always long for full moon), at every wonder in the world, I feel happy and complete =) kisses my dear!! :*

Unknown said...

love you!!!!!!!! looking super good!