Thursday, October 24, 2013


Good evening;=)

I hope your day has been good, as mine have;=)

Here´s my photos from today:

On my morning walk, I took some photos again and below is a snapshot from our City Hall. A magnificent and a bit Gothic in its architecture:

Continued walking by our city theatre where this nice avenue surrounds the side of the building:

And this is where I photographed those red berries some days ago:

This stair looked so lovely with the green sides and the yellow-brown leaves on the steps:

Looked up and there she was - the moon;=) Still up even if it was daytime. Lovely;=)

It was a bit cold to walk today so after 1 hour I went to Waynes coffee and had a coffee and some breakfast:

In the afternoon me, Nemo and Mio played around in our backyard and Nemo picked leaves in a bouquet:

Lots of leaves to play with now:

Mio sat in the pram checking out his big brother´s leaves chase:

Nemo giving his big brother some love;=)

Sun showed itself behind the roof tops:

Picking leaves is exhausting so Nemo took a break on the table:

Blue blue sky:

And todays shoe in the leaves photo and my outfit for today:
Boots Mexicana:

Gloves Gina Tricot:

Coat Marni:

Jeans Please:

Scarf Rude riders:

Ear rings bought at Illum in Copenhagen:

Brosch I got from my dear grandmother:

Now sleep well my dear ones and let the sun shine in your dreams;=)


eskoplja said...

Lovely photos and so lovely you :)
Glad to hear you spent a lovely day. Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams.

Ena :*

lehPhotography said...

Lovely pictures Anette!!

I wasn't sure if other fans have posted this, but I know you are a fan of Tarja, and just this past weekend, Tarja had Floor join her on stage at MFVF and they did a beautiful performance ( ). I think Tarja just seeks peace among the fans, and I think it's a beautiful thing! I know Floor feels the same way: "The good one of making music together. No soaps, no discussions about who's better, prettier and all the bullshit (we singers get sooooo tired of that)....only music and happiness. A clear signal! :-)" ( ).

Whatever went on with NW, I know above all you just want to happy, and so do we! I just thought I'd share, because I thought it's all been a beautiful thing, and I hope one day to see you at MFVF too! It's a great festival :D (I hope to attend one day!).

<3 Lauren

Unknown said...

Neferka: Yes, I saw it and I for one is behind them and especially what Floor wrote. It´s so tiring with comparissons cause we are all good in our own ways as I´ve always said. It´s good Tarja also seem to feel this way. Sleep well now;=)

lehPhotography said...

I agree, Anette! You are all beautiful and great singers and the comparisons are dumb and it was tiring for many of us fans too! Especially those of us who just loves everyone :D.

I can't wait to hear news on your solo career when it's time to share.

Sleep well! <3

Unknown said...

Hi Anette. This is my first post on your blog : D . I appreciate you as the member you were on nightwish and your individual talent obviously. Very sad that i never saw your live with NW. Hope someday i will meet you : ). Love your voice, Hugs from Uruguay!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pretty autumn pictures. Especially seeing Nemo enjoying it too. We have been getting snow flurries here and there. People are saying we might get snow for Halloween. It seems too early I think. Have a lovely day tomorrow. :)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei sweet dear !

You're pictures are so wonderfull !
The photo with Mio and Nemo together is to cute !
I have a question, can I used the first of you're pictures ?
I love you're jacket's button and you're grandmother spindle !
Have a great day dear !
With love :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... with the cold, the clothes start getting sophisticated and full of details. Children begin to walk and run like little robots, being low in many clothes (laughs). Well, here in Brazil is doing 30 degree heat and many storms with high winds and lightning. Have fun with the family is very good and brings happiness! Kisses!

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettie, happy friday =).
Oh, how beautiful is the place where you live, I'm pretty sure you are blessed like you used to say to us. I hope when I enter the university I can go to study a year or less in your country to know all this beauty.
I remember my teacher saying about the gothic cathedrals. Is funny because everybody says that gothic is something dark, sad and melancholic, but is not, gothic means light, let the light enters through the windows and I'm really amazed about the gothic architeture, too beautiful and inspiring.

Now have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend with lots of leaves for Nemo to take =).

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Melanie: Yes, you can;=)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
Nice photos, we have the same weather in France. Autumn is here so I picked up a lot of chestnuts then tonight I'll set near the fireplace and eat my chestnuts watching tv...
Really nice plan no ?
Have a nice week end, I hope that I'll receive your dress tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette :). How cute, a picture of Nemo and Mio together :). He must be a proud big brother ;). That weather really looks fantastic and far too warm for this season. But I'm not complaining :D... here in Germany it's the same, I was able to go out in T-Shirts and Tops the whole week.
Winter will come soon enough though. And I'm happy that you (of course) agree that this friggin' singer comparision is getting so stupid :)

Victoria Donovann said...

Hello!!! the City Hall woooooo beautiful monument, like your hair hehehehehehehe lovely hair hehehhe I like it heheheh; I hope you're with good health, a hug to your beautiful children, and I cannot wait to hear you singin again, hopefully your solo album and with fingers crossed to have it in my hands soon ;) kisses!!


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Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Thank you ao much !!
With love
Have a nice evenin /)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the moon twice this week when it's daylight-ish when I'm coming out of work at 07:30 in the morning :-)

It's a wonderful sight! :-)

Bienvenback said...

Wow, that beautiful pics! Here is spring, so the landscape is a little bit different!

You have to try this brazilian summer..bleeehhh!! hahaha so much heat!!