Saturday, October 19, 2013

Already x-mas?

Hi all and a very happy saturday!

Me and Mio has been up a lot all night as usual so at 6 this morning Johan took him so I could sleep some more hours and now I´m up;=) 

Have had some busy days but I´ve take some photos along the way for you so here we go;

On wednesday I went to Linda at Roots to get my hair dyed cerise and cut all split ends. I came out looking all pink;=)

I have had such a bad skin in my face the last weeks and I think it´s my day cream that wasn´t good for me, so I went and bought some organical oil and face cream and after these days I have no sits and my skin feels good! So I´ll continue using Estelle & Thild now and let u know how it works;=)

I´ve been out running monday, wednesday and friday and this was from my wednesday round by the ocean. Look at that view! Isn´t it just the most wonderful thing to look at? And I have this here, where I live;=) Love it!

Thursday evening I was at Nemo´s pre-school for a parent/staff meeting where they informed us about what they do and so on. It´s a fantastic school and I really like al the staff. They take such good care about Nemo and teach him new things every day;=)
It was dark when I went home and grey and boring but some houses have nice lights on, luckily. We go towards darker times so it´s time to think more lamps, lights and so on to light up our world here

But maybe starting with x-mas decorations already is a TINY bit to early?? What do you think? Saw this in a store window on my way home from my run yesterday

Luckily, our mornings are so bright and light if the sun is up so can "inhale" lots of sun at those times

And also, on my runs in the afternoons before sun sets, the views are amazing. I love the colors of the fallen leaves now

Still many trees are so green and full of life and that´s thanks to the amazing warm autumn we´ve had so far. But the last days have been a bit more chilly

So went to H&M and bought myself some warmer running gear yesterday. A nice warmer long sleeve with a hoodie on, a warmer cap and a nice vest. Had it on yesterday and it was perfect!

My better camera have been messing with me so that´s why no good outfit photos but here´s some not so good ones taken with my iPhone yesterday. Fake fur from H&M, dress with zippers from Gina Tricot, boots Gucci and old star printed scarf from Cirkus:

Now more coffee and then I need to go and exchange a blouse where the zipper where broken already before I got it on! and then finally posting some dresses for some buyers who have been waiting for them. Busy bee! 

Enjoy this saturday and lots of love to you all!


Unknown said...

Hello, Anette!
You cannot imagine how I like your photos with only your face (portraits). Your eyes are full of tenderness and kindness, sometimes they look a bit tired but still warm=)

Can I give you an advice? It's good to add some drops of essential oil (e.g. almond oil or whatever you like) and juice of arrowwood or cucumber into cream just before using. It makes skin more tonic and fresh.

With love, Nacy

Océane said...

Oh thanks for all the photos! So nice :)
You always look so beautiful and seeing your smile always make me happy! :)
And yep its definitely too early for xmas! Still summer here! But I love Xmas atmosphere, all the lights, candles etc...
Months ago you posted a photo and link about a black coat you bought. I remember I loved it sooo much but cant find the post on your blog :( do you see what im talking about? Any chance you still have the link for me ? :)

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Micha said...

When I saw the photo of the x-mas decoration I really thought "Is that really neccessary at present?"
Summer has just ended.

Next week I´ll start working in a child care center in our hospital an we´ll start craftig Halloween decoration althoug noone in Germany celebrates that. But I love scary pumpkins and skeletons hanging down from the ceiling.

you´ll decorate a bit for halloween, too?

Dalma said...

What do I think? Well, if you’ve asked…

Pure propaganda… Why don’t you buy something? A brand new one. You already have one? Don’t care, buy this right now, you still can throw out the old one later. Buy presents right now and keep going untill it’s Christmass Eve. Comsumerism to a terminal degree.

I’m glad you’ve become indignant, don’t be a marionette in the hands of capitalism.

flyingfree__ said...

Hi Anette!
This post is so nice, your city is beautiful.:)And your new pink hair looks very pretty to you.:)
About that decoration: It's so nice, I like the white tree, but it's a bit early for thinking about xmas.:O:DD
Looking forward to see the clothes you'll sell.
Have a great day.:*

Metallinka said...

Oh, dear Anette! In my opinion selling all the Christmas stuff 2-3 months BEFORE Christmas should be very strictly forbidden. We are still waiting for Halloween and have soooooo many choco santas in shops? Why? What for? Where is magic from Christmas?? ;( ;( ;(

I love your hair color! :)

Anya said...

You´re so beautiful, Anette! I´ve been listening NW Imaginaerum all week, and - I know I´m repeating myself - I really, truly love your voice! You are so talented. <3


Unknown said...


I know they say metal needs to be brutal and hardcore,nut they forget that metal was origionally love songs. And i think you personify that part perfectly with your brightness and that you see beauty in everything.

I hope things go well up there:)

ps: that is waaayyyy to early for decorations!


Anonymous said...

The picture with the houses that have the nice lights on looks very much like London :-)

Mrs said...

Hej Anette!

It looks like there's still a bit summer in Sweden, since we got our first snow this week here in Finland. Of course it melted away but definitely no summer in here anymore :(
I also live nearby the sea. It takes only about 200 meters walk to the park where it is ocean view. I love it too :)
I think it's way too early for x-mas decorations! Maybe in the end of November but not now :D

Rebel said...

Hi there dear Anette!
Your hair colour is stunning! it suits you very well :) i hope u have a great day as i have. :) as to x-mas decoration. i guess it is too early for them. i'm not saying that i don't like it. i love x-mas mood, songs and snow etc, but before x-mas there are so many different important holy days. Take care there, hugs and kisses from Poland