Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yesterday´s photo shoot;=)

Hi all and a happy Sunday!

Yesterday me and Annicka had a great photo session and this time we did more photo´s for promo and close ups;=) The result will be ready in some days after Annicka has used her magic on them;=)

But for now, some photos from the preparations and set:

Painted my nails with a new polish from Essie:

Boughtt new make up and scented body lotion to make me look and feel good:

Made a three-color make up on the eyes with black underneath and false lashes in the end of the eye.

Love the colors!

Bought Spanx and shape wear to hold in and push up my body;=)

Went to fabulous Linda Lindskog at ROOTS to get my hair done in a cool rocky style;

A kind of mohawk hair do and I LOVE it! I would love to shave my sides and have this all the time;=)

First outfit was with these dear leo boots on:

Third outfit was my IRON GIRL outfit and I felt like IRON and had to strike a Superman pose;=)

After many hours we felt we were to tired to take any more photos for this time and finished off in my star outfit with a lovely top on from my friend Efty´s´ clothes brand 60 Days:


Unknown said...

You really look awesome :) I'm exited about what's coming next for you, it seems that you're solo is really going forward with all that photo shootings and your studio sessions :)

MM said...

Good morning, dear!
Oh, Nettan, you're very beautiful! I feel that this photo-session is awesome! Your hair is amazing! About shaving the sides... It's a crazy idea... But I like it. :) :) :)

Océane said...

Looks like the photos are going to be "LEGEN...DARY" :D

Funny your talking about shaving your side as Im thinking about shaving one side too since a long time. As I love to put all my hair on one side ... Dont know if ill dare to do it cuz im afraid of the moment when the hair start growing again and the lenght is awful! What do you think dearie?!

Love & Hugs

THK said...

So gorgeaus pictures! :) I'm usually not so interested in clothes (even though I do use some every day, hehe) and such photos, but these couple of shoots were really inspiring, I want to see more! :D You look absolutely stunning!

Micha said...

You look great with that hair!
Why won´t you shave the side if you like it though?

I think it looks you said: rocky!

sarahsnake said...

Hi Anette! I think you will look awesome in this photoshoot.

Also, you should totally check out these amazing hoodies a person I know makes, I think they would look awesome on you!! She does custom orders too. That's her facebook page so you can see all the stuff she has done, and here is her website =)

Kriszti said...

Aw you look so beautiful, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos! And wonder if there is something you are going to announce some time.. :)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
your hair and make-up look awesome, love it sooo much! <3 :-) I would love to have my hair done like this but it looks very difficult if you don't have someone as talented as Linda...
Would you please tell me which colour the Essie nail polish is? I love the colour and would like to buy it too (if I don't have it already which I'm not sure about...). ;-)

Have a nice day, my dear, and lots of love,
Steffi <3

Carol Misokane said...

This hair is perfect!! And your nail polish is too beautiful too, I loove essie, guess I've already said it to you haha..perfect color. This time your make was more beautiful too, so I can just sit and wait for the results because I'm pretty sure it will be great.

Have a beautiful sunday.

Love, Carol

Siren said...

Hi Anette!
I want to ask You, those photos are announce for some secret event coming in Your life? :D Like Your solo project? You look fabulous in those hair! And those boots are truly amazing, love it! <3
Hugs and looking forward to see it.

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
Just wow ! I love soooo much the picture where you look "me" you're eyes ! Just wow ! I love you're eyes ! And with this make up is perfect !!
I'm Looking forward to see the pictures !
Have a great evening dear :)

Unknown said...

Siren: Hi! Yes, for coming promo photos and so on. My solo is coming, yes;=) Announcement will be here very soon;=) be patient. Take care!

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear ;)

thanks for the share ;)
and I like your outfit and make-up ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I thought these photo sessions you've been doing recently might be for promo,etc. Seems I thought correctly :-)

Have a nice evening my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Serafim said...

Wow...everything is fantasic! Really like the colours on the eyes, leopard boots and you hair do ;-) You are so beautiful and all promo photos will be amazing! :-) I'm looking forward to more news and to your solo album;=)
Thank you for sharing the photos with us!
Have a nice day!
Best wishes,

Penta said...

Sorry for my english, is terrible! but, I'll try to do my best. I was lucky enough to get to see you at work 2008 Buenos Aires Argentina, it was amazing! I miss you so much! if I were a millionaire would pay a trip to anywhere. To see and listen to you. on a complicated day. I go to bed, turn on my phone and listen to your music. It helps me a lot. your voice is beautiful. Anette very much thank you very much! I love you! greetings from Argentina!

I hope that in another life I see you again

Juan from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing more photos. Annicka is a great photographer :-)