Thursday, September 05, 2013

Lucky day:=)

I went out to get some turkey sausages and meat as I do once a week in our little store called Ingelsta turkey and on my way I decided to take a fast look in our H&M store. And well, lucky me, they had launced a nice Paris fashion show collection this morning and I took the last two pieces of two things that 3 girls came and asked me if I was going to buy or not, so I guess they will be popular to sell second hand later on;=)

I got this lovely dress and black blouse that I will wear for a photo shoot very soon;=)

So lovely both of them!

And hey, I´m planning a little sale of clothes soon again. This time some more casual clothes such as jeans and tops. Let´s see if there´s something anyone like;=)


eskoplja said...

Nice clothes you bought :)
And I am very curious what will you choose to sell...I will be in line ;)
Wish you a nice day

Ena :*

Océane said...

Wow I love everything! The dress in black would be awesome!!
Cant wait to see what you're gonna sell! :)

Love & Hugs

Michereff said...

Hi Anette!

I need a little help from you, and for this I need your contact email - or some form of direct contact. You like me go? I think you'll be able to help me! I am planning a surprise, and you are very important to make it happen.

My email is

I count on your support! Hugs!

Michereff said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi anette =) !
wow that dress is beautiful, I like it! but maybe with a different kind of shoes.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jazmine M said...

wow nice dress netti <3

vesna said...

love the two outfits you chose! both look very expensive. i also like from the collection the long black coat, and the little black skirt, although there are some quality basics and interesting accessories, like the bracelt and belt with fringe.
I'm interested in how you'll style your drees and a top, sure it'll be more rock than glam :)