Thursday, September 05, 2013

Running love;=)

Hi all and a very happy thursday!!

I started doing running last week again for a long while and the first 2 times were so hard and a struggle. Nothing felt good. I was slow, pain in my legs, I felt out of breath and it was just hard;=( And I got so pissed since running is the BEST thing I know normally;=)

But now I´ve been running some times more and yesterday I had THE flow again;=)
Ran my normal speed, had fun, felt great, legs were perfect, weather was slightly rain and that´s just perfect for my running and I was so happy after my 7 k´s were done;=)

So in just 2 weeks my normal speed is back and I feel so happy! Cause I love running. I love to go to the gym too but running is, for me, meditation. And one of the things I do love about it, is exactly that I never know beforehand how my body will feel like, how the run will be - good or just bad? 

A struggle or flow?

And since I am a person who love changes and variety and action, it suits me perfect to NEVER know what will happen when I leave home and start running;=)

Love and hugs to you all!


Haileigh R. said...

This post was great timing! I started running again this week because I missed the 'meditation' aspect of exercise, as you call it (I used to run all the time, but have stuck to the gym for the past 2 years). I used to run half-marathons, but even though I am still fit from going to the gym, I've been getting bad pains in my legs when running this week-which is very frustrating! Do you have any tips for dealing with the leg pains? Or should I just keep at it, as you say :)

Unknown said...

I wish you a good luck with jogging. What you did is great.
Honestly speaking I gave up jogging this Monday because it's too cold for me. I used to run when it's warm or even hot weather but now it's +15C and I can't force myself to run.

Best wishes for you=)

Alessia said...

I understand this so much anette. I love running,even though I'm quite plump and for the moment I don't have such a big resistante in breath and legs,I'm fighting to improve. What do you think,will my force of will manage?

Unknown said...

Anette ... some doctors say that the practice of regular physical exercise is the door to happiness ... my God! I do not like to exercise! (laughs)