Thursday, September 26, 2013

It went...

...really well, my PT hour today;=) Alexander had a great schedule for me with some HIIT exercises that made us go through my whole body. I learned better technique and how to do some of them and I also got to try out new things, like using the TRX-bands. Really fun but hard;=) AND my legs are SO tired so we´ll see how my friday run will turn out tomorrow!

Next week we´ll meet 2 times cause on tuesday he wanted to do some tests on me so then I wanted an extra hour on thursday when we´ll do some workout.

Feels great to have a Personal trainer again and I´m sure I´ll learn so much great things about me and my body!

Sleep well now! 


Unknown said...

Glad to hear this, Anette!
Great work ^.^
I wish you a good sleep and sweet dreams ;)


Karin said...

Sounds good ! It is so healthy to be interested in your own body , how it works , how you can keep yourself strong, healthy and happy. And that there always will be challenges :)

Melrose Triviani said...

Good job ! ^^
Have a sweet night !

Anonymous said...

hey Anette :)
as we know, you enjoy new Tarja album. What did you think about Within Temptation? :)
I don't know if you noticed but WT and Tarja today release new single - 'Paradise (What About Us)'. This is the video:

what do you think about it? it would be great to hear you and Tarja someday! :)
hope u have a fantastic friday :) cheers!

Unknown said...

Ommadawn: I LOVE it! Will post the video as soon as it´s officially released today:-)

Unknown said...

Hey, sorry for my random & unrelated post lol but I remembered just now that 'Walking in the Air' is not an original NW song.
I hope someday we will get to hear you sing it again. Your voice really, really fits that song like a glove.

Anonymous said...

that's great you like this song :) it's powerfull for me and a bit similar to 'What Have You Done' :) do you know that song? :>
I put a photo on instagram with a video screen and I would be honored if u like this photo or follow me :) i let myself tag you in this post because you also like this song, hope you don't mind :) my instagram name is robermifernes and the photo is here:

hope you have a great day and celebrate half year with a baby :) cheers!