Thursday, September 05, 2013

Giraffe and glasses;=)

Here´s a photo bomb from last days, enjoy;=)

Got a new toy for Mio today, Sofi the giraff, Nemo loved his and so do Mio;=) Perfect to chew on when teething!

Sat here by this view this morning - heaven:

Walked and looked at this wonderful view:

Sat and relaxed by these lovely flowers:

 Looked cool in my new sun glasses from Le Spec;=)

Had a kilt on this morning:

Then changed to jeans in the afternoon:

And ran in the lovely forest yesterday:

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Unknown said...

that photo so sweet! I love you, greetings from Argentina! I follow you always! plus I love your costume! I admire you! kisses!

Unknown said...

that photo so sweet! I love you, greetings from Argentina! I follow you always! plus I love your costume! I admire you! kisses!

Selkeä said...

I had Sophie the Giraffe as a baby, too!! :3 Glad to see this toy is still so popular today!! xD
In advance I wish you a nice week-end, dear Anette!
Lots of love from France,

Claire ♥

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you had a nice time :=) As you, I love morning walkings. We have a big river in our city, so I love to walk early at the morning by the river ;-)
Love your new sun glasses! Looks cool!

Henk said...

You looks great as always!:)

Betty Blue said...

Awww, that photos of Mio are so sweet *.* I couldn´t help but squeak at every single one :-)
Especially today, we had a seminar today and talked about patiend care in special circumstances, and one group got the topic "pregnancy" and when they presented their results I just sat there like WTF? They had only negative aspects, and even though I´m not a mother (but wish to be one once!) I just sat there and tought "And what about the great things? Heeeeey, girls, you´re talking about being pregnant and finally giving birth to a child! How can you see this so negative...?" I really was shocked that people my age can see pregnency as a curse instead of a gift and a wonderful thing. I just don´t understand it. So today even greater to see those pics of Mio with Sofi. So lovely!
Have a great evening, darling, with your lovely kids and husband!

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
The pictures of Mio are just soo cute !
And like always you're wonderfull on you're pictures !!
I loove so much you're pics of the ocean ! I'm just in love on ! You're very lucky to live near it !

Unknown said...

Anette ... beautiful garden, water seems to be frozen, your little man is so cute, you're charming and loved his pair of glasses. Kisses!

Jazmine M said...

Hi Anette! The little Mio is so sweet =).
Always you look so fresh and happy, you are adorable netti.
The sunglasses are cool and I love your skirt. -Love and Hugs-

Unknown said...

Greetings from Illinois, USA!!! I love your outfits Anette! You have an amazing taste in clothes and I love following you on Instagram. You have helped me have amazing ideas for outfits because I love to sew and make something new and different. Keep sharing your awesome fashion!