Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Before going to bed...

...I just want to say thanks to all you nice ladies who have done some shopping in my little bloppis today;=) The items that are sold already are the Greenfield dress, the Hunky Dory sweater and the Circle of trust jeans.

I also added one more outfit for sale before bed time, so check it out;=)

Sleep well now and I´ll post more tomorrow!


Penta said...

Sorry for my english, is terrible! but, I'll try to do my best. I was lucky enough to get to see you at work 2008 Buenos Aires Argentina, it was amazing! I miss you so much! if I were a millionaire would pay a trip to anywhere. To see and listen to you. on a complicated day. I go to bed, turn on my phone and listen to your music. It helps me a lot. your voice is beautiful. Anette very much thank you very much! I love you! greetings from Argentina!

I hope that in another life I see you again

Juan(jhon :P) from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Unknown said...

I love this shirt Anette! You have such an amazing sense of style!

Victoria Donovann said...

Hi hiiiiiii! I'm new here, I like the jean, cool :) cheers for your new life and rest this night, from Colombia!