Saturday, September 14, 2013

More items coming soon...

... to my vintage shop. Almost all clothes in there are now sold, thanks so much to all buyers;=) 

I will add more items today and tomorrow, will let you know when it´s up!

The clothes that still are for sale in the store is one pair of Dsquared blue jeans size 40, Dsquared distressed chinos, Dior shoes and Dolce & Gabbana shoes. Everything else is now sold!

Yesterday me and Annika, my photographer took lovely outfit photos in my back yard and some items will also be for sale in the store. 

So fun days ahead with lots of nice stuff coming up!

ENJOY your saturday!

This LOVELY skirt below will be for sale this weekend;=)


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

good morning dear =)
and I have not slept.
3:45 in Brazil haha
have a nice day

André Verwijs said...

Other note: you have the new Samsung Camera..?? you like it? i'm thinking about buying it... :)

Unknown said...

André: Yes, I use it and I love it! Buy it;=) Hugs!

André Verwijs said...

Thank you Anette :)

Unknown said...

You look amazing in that picture :)

Just one curiosity that has nothing to do with the clothes :P :when did you pierced your eyebrow?Is it difficult to scar? I'm thinking about doing the same one, I already have one in the ear cartilage!

Thanks so much my dear :)

linnea-maria said...

Det ska verkligen bli kul att få se bilder från er fotosession! :)

Victoria Donovann said...

oh My God! what a freakin awesome pic! Annete you look so beatiful, I loved your hair!!!! wow!!!!! , peaceful expression...... Maybe one of the best shoots ever.....Nice combination, really fashion is one of your passions, good night! <3