Friday, September 27, 2013

6 months ago...

...a precious little baby named Mio Johan Willow was born and entered our family. A precious little one who has been a sunlight and always happy and smiling little boy since day one;=)

Today we celebrate his first 6 months and I can´t believe how fast time flies! Soon he´ll be walking, running and talking like my two other boys so I really cherish this baby-period and having him next to me in bed every night, kissing his little feet, getting that "I love you mum"-look when he looks at me and I feel so blessed to have my little MIO in my life;=)

Hip hip hurray sweetest Mio on your 6 months day! I love you to the moon and back;=)


Unknown said...

Lovely Mio,

a BIG hurray to you and lots of love and blessings to your 6. month day!

With love,

Anonymous said...

6 months? time goes too fast :) feels like it was yesterday! happy half-birthday for Mio and you, Anette! :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to that sweet thingie :)
He looks so cute!!

Wish you TONS OF HAPPINESS Nettie!!


MM said...

Happy Birthday, dear Mio! Anette, kiss him for me. :*

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th month day Mio! :-)

Hip hip hurray for Mio! :-)

Unknown said...

Big guy subdued by little human. Awwwwww.... Cinegrats to the happy family.

Unknown said...

Congratulations for you and Mio!
Good health and happy life for you little son.
A lot of energy and strenght for his parents=)

Love, kisses and hugs,

Unknown said...

Yes, time flies very fast!
Happy 6 months! Lots of happiness and health to you family!

eskoplja said...

Happy 6 months little one :)
Time flies so fast. Kiss him for me :)

Ena :*

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

And congratulations to Mio, great he is there :). Yes, you are right it´s incredible how time flies - I remember the day of his birth, I was busy in town so I couldn´t check your blog until afternoon or so. But my thoughts were with you all the day and I was so excited! I remember that as if it was yesterday. Yes, and then, after Instagram (which I forgot to read on that day) the anounce came on your blog and I was so happy that everything went well and that we did at last know the gender and name :).

I thank you Anette, that you shared this great thing with us and let us have part of the happiness. Thank you so much for being here! :)

Take good care of yourself now please and have a nice evening :)


Unknown said...

Happy B-day little Mio, kiss him for me Anette :-) you´re very blessed mum :-)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Happy 6 months little Mio. :-* <3

Nalon said...

Hello Mio,
Happy 6 Month on this earth. You has select a great Family:).

Enjoy your Life with them:)


Anonymous said...

Hip hurra! happy birhtday to mio ^^

Unknown said...

Aw happy 6 months
Have an awesome day

Karin said...

You are blessed Anette , with all your lovely boys. And little Mio, this sweet little boy, with a lovely name, is so blessed too. To be in this great family, with such a great mother, father and brothers :)
Big hug to you all !

Betty Blue said...

6 months already? Time flies!
Happy 6 months, Mio!

The One Who Should Die said...

6 months!? It feels like it was yesterday that he was born...
Happy 6 months to Mio! :)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
So more really wonderful words !
He's a so Lucky boy !
Happy 6months Mio !

Melrose Triviani said...

Happy six months :D