Monday, September 16, 2013

Smell the flowers;=)

Hi all!

Here´s another photo from our photo shoot;=)

Photo by Annicka Photography, hair Linda Lindskog ROOTS Helsingborg, make up by me


Rebel said...

i would say amazing photo shoot! I would say modern Alice in Wonderland ;) and your hair colour STUNNING! Take care, greetings from Poland ;)

shay said...

Wow...beautiful.... is Ur hair all purple now.. before was just Ur ends of Ur hair??I don't if its just the light but really cool

Vinga said...

Hi dear Nettie :*

I love a colour of your hair, is beautiful.
These pictures are amazing color saturation, it looks sensational.
Annica is a talented photographer, but if this model is beautiful and an outstanding photographer does not need ... ;) ;) ;)

My photos still no ^ ^ how they got it could also be "praise" and throw on my blog, which I visit so often, moreover, that already overgrown cobwebs ^ ^

Yours sincerely, stay nice and warm and have a nice day :*

Unknown said...

The outfit is so cool ... again! ;)

The backgrounds of the photoshoot are beautiful and the combination between them and you is perfect! Really cool :)

I need to mention your hair again!! Lovely :)

Have a nice day beauty!! :)

Betty Blue said...

Lovely! Is it a dress or a skirt?

Karin said...

Your hair looks sooooooo great !

Laetitianne said...


How are you? Nice picture! You look so happy! It's very great to see that!

I have learned that Nightwish will release a live DVD at the end of november. Did you participate in it? In the documentary? It's a pity that we don't have any live DVD with you. :-(

Take care! :-*


Unknown said...

Anette ... these pictures convey the idea that dark colors can also represent joy and life. Are you auditioning for a solo picture? If so, we are fans and admirers, we'll be happy and extremely anxious. Be sure to show us their creativity, taste and style ... you look beautiful!! Stay in God's grace and hugs for your entire family!

Victoria Donovann said...

WOOOOOOO dat dressss :Q_____ I love it!!!! I want it!!!!

xxkblackxx said...

Wow... You look so beautiful :)

Piadora said...

Love the colors in this photo! The contrast between your hair, the dress, the red and the green..Very nice photo and the hair looks amazing